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My Dr. Hauschka Facial at Maison Hauschka in Paris

After being won over by the Dr. Hauschka Purifying Care Set, I took advantage of my stay in Paris to offer me and my sister the famous Dr. Hauschka Plenitude Care… at the Maison Dr. Hauschka.

Well, Hauschka treatments can be done at any of the brand’s trained estheticians, but for a first treatment, I still prefer to go to the (official) institute – especially for the place, built in a responsible/feng shui manner, a real haven of peace nestled in a courtyard.

The House of Dr. Hauschka is in the 9th near the Ledru Rollin subway station, it is a neighborhood that I know little but quite fancy, the clothing stores, cafes, bars around … I like all of them! Fortunately I don’t stay long in Paris otherwise my card might get hot.

To find the institute, you really need to know because you can pass in front of the building without knowing that an institute knows about it.

There is a store part with lots of roses and dried roses (it refers to the Rose Cream, the bestseller of the brand), and an institute part, far from the store (and the noise).

My sister and I settled in very quickly, each in our own practice.

The treatment begins with a foot bath, very relaxing, where the beautician and I discuss the brand and I take the opportunity to ask her a few questions. It’s fun to start a facial treatment with a foot bath, but the brand explains it very well on its website :

At a time when the intellectual and the cerebral govern the world of work, we often have cold feet. This is why the beautician warms them up in a bath as a welcome gift.

We continue with a touch of the feet and hands. From now on, she won’t talk anymore, the beautician told me. Her gestures look like dancing, it’s really very soft (too soft even). But the gestures have been specifically studied to meet their objectives:

The effleurage of the legs and feet acts as a counterbalance to the overwork of the brain and the perfume and well-being induced overcome the stress. Specific movements relax the neck and back muscles, each effleurage is an envelope for the hands and arms. At the end of the preamble, the actual facial treatment can begin.

One continues then by a double cleaning: with the cleansing milk, then with the purifying cream. There, I finally understood how to use the purifying cream and what noise you should hear when you do the “suction cup effect”.

Every time I get my face cleaned with a hot towel that smells too good.

This is followed by a steam bath where I sit down with a towel on my head and a small device that diffuses aromatic steam. Ohhh it did me a lot of good knowing that I also had a cold coming on.

That’s when I start to fall asleep a little. Then there is a purifying mask, then a revitalizing mask, followed by lymphatic massages with brushes (!!) and very (too) gentle gestures. So they did some tests and studies for that, some gestures were too aggressive for the skin when they were done by hand, so the brushes were used (this is the case especially on the forehead, the nose).

Lymphatic vessels, which are extremely tenuous capillaries, play a vital role in the flow of fluids out of the connective tissue. The lymph mainly removes metabolic waste products, toxins, pathological germs and excess fluid. If the flow of lymph is impeded, fluids may stagnate locally.

Lymphatic stimulation gives the skin a harmonizing and unclogging impulse that is reflected throughout the body. The peaceful, rhythmic movements, which Dr. Hauschka’s esthetician performs with her hands or with two extremely soft brushes, stimulate fluid flow in the connective tissue and lymphatic system.

The body relaxes, body fluids are harmonized and both oxygen and nutrients reach the cells more quickly. The lymph, better eliminating metabolic residues, transports them quickly to the lymph nodes, where they are destroyed.

The result: sustained self-cleansing forces, a strengthened immune system and a globally fortified life organization, supported by the body’s fluid processes.

I love these hot scented towels! In the end, that’s what I like the most about this treatment 😀

We finish by applying a lotion, a day cream and voilà!

At the end of the treatment, when we are enjoying a tea next to a very feng shui stream, the beautician gives me a large leaf where she ticks the products my skin needs and explains me how to use them. She told me that my skin needed more hydration so lemon balm cream isn’t for me, but I need a fluid. The rest of the routine corresponds to the products recommended on the official website (where I did an online skin diagnosis).

The beautician isn’t pushy at all, she lets me enjoy my tea in peace and the purchase of the products is done at the store part, if I want.

The prices displayed in this store correspond to those found at Mademoiselle Bio. But you can find even cheaper online (saving 6€/product on average) on a German site: so I recommend you to buy online instead.

The testers are placed everywhere, even in the toilets


My sister and I were initially disappointed with the care. For 155€/person, the gestures seemed much too gentle compared to the care we were used to doing. We were a little disturbed not to have exfoliation or even machines at 5000€ to remove blackheads/input the active ingredients. The skin gains in radiance, but it wasn’t the “mirror effect” either.

And then, the next day, I noticed that my nasolabial folds were much less marked than usual, proof that my skin was well hydrated and my blood circulation boosted to the max. The skin is supple and the pores are much less visible (because they are clean and moisturized).

In short, it is a care to be done at least once in a lifetime. Personally, I won’t do it every month because of its high price.

Some tips :

  • The Plénitude treatment is less expensive at partner institutes (127€ on average instead of 155€ vs. Maison Dr Hauschka), you can consult the list and book online at Treatwell
  • If it’s just to know the gestures of application, I advise you rather to go through the commercial animations ( where you get a free facial or skin diagnosis (with purchase behind, it’s better)
  • you can buy Dr Hauschka products at Trends Place here

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