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    Budapest (Hungary): The city of thermal springs – Travel Notes

    After an unforgettable long weekend in Vienna, we are now on a Flixbus, heading to Budapest. The trip will take more or less 7 hours. Quite boring. We are far from the comfort of the“yes bus” in France, and light years away from the comfort of buses in South America. But the ticket only cost us 25€, we won’t complain Part 1: Travel Diary Part 2: Practical Tips Part 1: Travel Diary We were surprised to be greeted by a heat wave (40°C at times) and to see the restaurants all equipped with fans + misters We didn’t know it could be so hot in Budapest. However, after the storm,…

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    Best Facials in Budapest: My fav Addresses

    It would be a shame to spend a month in Budapest, the thermal bath paradise, without a facial. However, my Google search for “Budapest facial treatment” did not give me satisfactory results. I had to search on my own like a big one. Here are some addresses that I tested for you. Quick Hair Salon Address: Budapest, Haris köz 6, 1052 Price: 7200 HUF or 24€ for a facial treatment (deep cleansing and massage) lasting about 1 hour It is while passing in front of this small hairdressing salon not very far from my home that I had the idea to do a facial in Budapest. If even a small…