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    Coupon code / Airbnb Referral: up to 50€ discount

    Airbnb is our preferred accommodation option when we are in expensive cities like Singapore, New York or Tokyo. Airbnb does not offer any coupon codes but there is an offer for godparents & godchildren. Click here to become a sponsor and get up to 50€ discount You will have up to 40€ discount for your first accommodation 10€ discount for the 1st experience (>40€) that you book with Airbnb

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    IP Tracking: myth or reality?

    In the category “tips and tricks” to get cheap airline tickets, I already talked about round trips cheaper than one-way tickets. I also mentioned the trick of paying in the currency of the country of departure. Another trick that is very regularly mentioned by groups of travelers is IP Tracking. IP Tracking is the belief that the airline increases the price of your ticket after your first search to create a sense of urgency and to encourage you to book your ticket as soon as possible. The airlines would use your IP address, which is your identifier on the Internet. Based on this belief, some will recommend you to use…

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    Opinions on SereniTrip: a cheap insurance for car rental abroad

    If you wish to use SereniTrip’s services: click here. For those who are used to renting cars, whether in France or abroad, the question of insurance is always raised. It’s often expensive, headaches and anxiety-provoking. The principle of franchising The first time I rented a car from an agency, I had no idea what “franchise” meant. The principle: in 90% of the cases, your rental automatically includes a first level of insurance covering theft, accidents, damage, … The deductible corresponds to the maximum amount that you will have to pay in case of problem. As an example, when we rented this summer at Leclerc, the basic deductible was 1,200 €.…

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    My opinion about Flixbus for cheap coach travel

    Flixbus was created in France in May 2015, in anticipation of the “Macron law” (named after the then Minister of Economy) which liberalized the coach transport sector a few months later. Flixbus had been created two years earlier in 2013 in Germany, also taking advantage of deregulation in our neighbors. Flixbus now serves 2500 cities in about 30 countries. All in Europe, except the United States which is also covered. All this at generally very interesting fares, much cheaper than the equivalent trip by train or plane. In addition, bus stations are often relatively central, making it easier and faster to reach the city center than arriving at an airport.…

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    Buy a cheaper airline ticket by paying in local currency

    Interesting tip to pay cheaper airfares: put the price in local currency and see if the fare becomescheaper. What you need to know is that a plane ticket is charged in the currency of the country of departure Thus, a Paris – Istanbul will be invoiced in Euro and an Istanbul – Paris will be invoiced in Turkish lira. Usually you don’t see it because the company’s website will use your language and/or geolocation to convert the price into your own currency. This is where it becomes interesting since the company can convert : Using the real exchange rate (called the interbank exchange rate) By applying a small margin on…

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    Does the N26 card allow access to the Mastercard Airport Lounges?

    Recently, on a Facebook group of travelers, a person presented what seemed to be an excellent plan: with an N26 black card, one could access free of charge the Mastercard lounge areas at the airport. Mastercard has more than 1000 airport lounges around the world where you can wait comfortably for your flight while enjoying a buffet and a good glass of wine. It sounded too good to be true (access to airport lounges are usually charged around 40 euros per person vs. 10 to 17 € per month for the N26 card for unlimited access, …). Information taken, it isn’t possible. Either the person in question was lucky, or…

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    Search for a good cheap hotel with Booking, Agoda, and Tripadvisor

    In this video, I present you our approach to find good hotels at the best price. I start my search by Booking which is probably the hotel reservation site offering the most choices all over the world. I check that the selected hotel is well rated on Tripadvisor I make sure there are no bed bugs (type the name of the hotel + bed bugs on Google) I see if the price is more interesting on Agoda, it is regularly the case for hotels in Asia Finally, I look at the price on . Thanks to the fidelity program, you get back the equivalent of 10% of the price…

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    Travel Hacking: Is it possible in France ?

    As a “permanent traveler”, I am fascinated by the “travel hackers” in North America who enjoy flights and hotel nights almost for free thanks to the points they have accumulated For the most part, these points are accumulated via their credit cards. Broadly speaking, banks in North America offer very generous benefits when using their credit cards. The more a person consumes, the more points he or she accumulates that can be turned into benefits The use of these credit cards is dangerous because one can very quickly find oneself in an infernal circle and have large sums of money to repay with very high interest rates On the other…

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    Kapten: Review and promo code (20 € valid in March 2020) of the VTC application

    To take advantage of the 20 € free on your first race, use the promo code JEAMOI21. This code is valid in March 2020. Uber, Grab, Taxify, Kapten, Heetch, … the services of VTC are so similar that I am a customer of several of them and I choose one or the other according to the price and the waiting time announced for my race. It was in Lisbon that I first heard about Kapten when I saw them doing street marketing campaigns. Kapten is in fact the new name of the French Private Chauffeur service which is going international. Wishing to make their new brand known, I have the…

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    Free Mobile: the best phone plan to go abroad?

    As you know, we usually buy a prepaid SIM card in every country we visit But as we’re coming back to Europe for a while before leaving for 6 months in North America (where internet is expensive), we’re going to use the services of Free Mobile. Free Mobile: How much does it cost? Free Mobile offers two packages : A package at 2 € / month with 2 hours of call, unlimited SMS and 50 MB of internet. Can be used from Europe and French overseas departments. Given our consumption of internet, we have to hold 1/2 day with this 🙂 A flat rate at 20 € / month. With…