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    [Review] reMarkable 2, my best Purchase Ever

    Contrary to what one might imagine, I’m much more of a gadget person than JB. I’m often the one who buys things if I think the new technology is cool, and it can save us work time. However, I am far from being an early adopter. I often wait for the 2nd, 3rd versions… before deciding. Recently, I discovered reMarkable 2, the tablet that allows you to take notes but with a paper-like feel. It is trendy among engineers and managers. So I bought it for JB. JB really likes taking notes. He tried to do it on a normal tablet (iPad), but the touch is not the same, so…

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    How to send your reMarkable notes to Google Drive using a Gmail alias

    I bumped into this excellent free script : Fetch Gmail Attachment to Google Drive using Google Apps Script. I edited a little bit to match reMarkable users’ needs. This script will fetch all the attached files you send to your Gmail alias and save them on Google Drive. First of all, the script uses Gmail & Google Drive APIs. I won’t have access to your Gmail or Google Drive. Google will host your script in your private space here. 1- Create a new project on 2- On Editor, copy/paste my script 3- Here are a few things you may want to customize before using the script : Line 9.…

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    Prepaid 4G SIM card in Montenegro: Cost, Speedtest (2021)

    WARNING: Montenegro is a European country, you can go there without a visa, you use the Euro. BUT, Montenegro isn’t part of the European Union and you can’t benefit from free EU roaming. Remember to deactivate the data, otherwise you will pay a lot. As an illustration, 1 MB of internet costs 9,7 € with Free… So when I arrived in Montenegro, I used my international Drimsim SIM card the time to buy a local SIM card. While Anh used her Holafly card. Buy a SIM card at the airport Having arrived in Montenegro by land (from Croatia), I did not have the opportunity to see if it was possible…

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    [PCR test] Split – Dubrovnik and the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina

    A quick article to reassure you for the crossing of Bosnia from Split to Dubrovnik. By going from Split to Dubrovnik (with Flixbus for example), you will cross a small part of Bosnia. If Bosnia asks for a PCR test of less than 48h for all the other borders, this one will not ask for PCR test results. Rest assured, this border is only a formality, so that Bosnia has access to the sea and has all the benefits it can get from. It’s like the little piece of Chile that you have to cross to reach Ushuaia, there are no big difficulties. We entered Croatia on December 17th with…

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    Where to take the Covid PCR test in Rome (Italy) as a Foreigner?

    This article is addressed only to foreigners who leave Italy to go to a country that asks for a negative PCR test. For those who have just arrived in Italy, the procedure is much simpler and explained in detail here (form to be filled in and then tested directly at the airport). I didn’t have to do it as I arrived in Italy in September before this procedure was necessary. Background We decided to spend our Christmas vacations in Montenegro, via Croatia (no direct flight between Rome and Montenegro). We bought the plane tickets on November 25th, and it is only on December 1st that we learn that Croatia was…

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    Amazon Audible: My Tips for Paying Less

    I watched the very bad movie “Le Beau Monde” with Ana Girardot as the lead actress. The script includes a little of DIY, sewing, embroidery etc. that’s why I was able to watch it all the way through. The heroine did a lot of manual things. There is a scene where she was listening to audio books and the hero asked her why she was doing it, she answered that it allowed her to concentrate on her manual activities while “reading” a book. Since I do a lot of DIY, I thought it was a good idea. That’s when I started listening to books on Audible. This post is NOT…

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    2 days in Venice (Italy): Must-see Visits

    We just spent 2 weeks in Venice. Of course, we are working at the same time, so in real life, we really only spent 5 days visiting a maximum of things in the city, including 2 full days for its must-sees. According to me, here are the musts of Venice to do in two days: Saint Mark’s Square: a huge tourist square saint Mark’s Basilica: golden mosaic everywhere the Doge’s Palace: sumptuous rooms, decorated from floor to ceiling Bridge of Sighs: connects the old prisons to the interrogation cells of the Doge’s Palace, you can walk on it while visiting the Doge’s Palace but otherwise you can see it from…

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    October 2020 Favorites: Books to discover Asian Culture

    We aren’t (yet) confined to Italy but it is surely only a matter of weeks, considering the curve of positive coronavirus cases. I have a rather long list of books to read, but I will give you the books I have already read and loved, to accompany you during the evenings of confinement. This month, we will talk about books or films that help us better understand Asian (or Eastern) culture and beliefs. The list I give you isn’t mainstream. It’s not a list of Asian bestsellers, on the contrary. Journey to the East by Nguyên Phong (link): Since I am Vietnamese, I start with a Vietnamese author, whom I…

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    Coupon code / Airbnb Referral: up to 50€ discount

    Airbnb is our preferred accommodation option when we are in expensive cities like Singapore, New York or Tokyo. Airbnb does not offer any coupon codes but there is an offer for godparents & godchildren. Click here to become a sponsor and get up to 50€ discount You will have up to 40€ discount for your first accommodation 10€ discount for the 1st experience (>40€) that you book with Airbnb

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    Metro, bus, streetcar and train in Rome: how to buy Atac tickets with your phone?

    Staying a month and a half in Rome, we looked for the best option for our public transport tickets. In Rome, public transportation is managed by the company ATAC. The pricing is quite simple, there are 5 possibilities. Offer Awards To know Unit ticket (BIT) 1,50 € Valid for 100 minutes. Connections are possible but it isn’t possible to get out and then re-enter the subway. Day ticket 7 € Unlimited travel, valid until midnight on the day of first use. 48h ticket 12,50 € Unlimited travel, valid until midnight the day after first use. 72-hour ticket 18 € Unlimited travel, valid until midnight the day after the first use.…