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    Bucharest (Romania): a rotten/unattractive/uninteresting city

    Who says Romania says Transylvania, Dracula all that. I’ve always dreamed of going to Romania, ever since I read Bram Stoker’s novel 🙂 so it’s only natural that we finish our little tour of Central/Eastern Europe with Romania Because of a contract signed with a client requiring JB to make 4 presentations in Paris, we chose to set up in Bucharest so that we could make the round trip to Paris during the day. Looking back, I think it was a bad idea. This city isn’t representative of the real Romania. However, its central location still allowed us to spend a weekend in the mountains and another weekend by the…

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    South Eforie (Romania): Mud Bath, Black Sea and Techirghiol Salt Lake

    Our stay in Romania is the ideal pretext for a long weekend by the Black Sea. Small precision: the water of the Black Sea is blue, its name would rather come from its high rate of hydrogen sulfide giving a blackening effect from a hundred meters deep In Romania, when we talk about the Black Sea, we think directly of Mamaia, a huge seaside resort. But we found a small pearl not far away, Eforie, known for its therapeutic treatments based on mud and very salty water from the Techirghiol lake Eforie is made up of two towns: Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud. Having found a cheap hotel with spa…

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    The Castle of Peleș in Sinaia (Romania): A surprise weekend for the 30th anniversary of JB

    For big anniversaries such as 25, 30 years, JB is always entitled to surprise gifts. And this year, as he just celebrated his thirties, I secretly planned a romantic weekend in Sinaia, where the most beautiful castle in Romania is located Part 1: Travel Diary Part 2: Practical Tips Part 1: Travel Diary If we are currently based in Bucharest, JB has to go to Paris every week at the moment, just for a physical meeting that lasts barely 1 hour. So it’s around 1am that he finally comes back, exhausted and sick, to Bucharest… to be woken up at 10:15 a.m. by my phone Feeling that he intends to…