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    How to book IRCTC Indian Trains online via as a Tourist

    UPDATE July 2019 For the past few months, there has been another simple way to buy train tickets without going through the IRCTC website. It is (click here to go to the site) What you need to know about this site based in Singapore : It allows to buy only the 100 most popular trips in India (a priori they are the most popular trips for tourists too), the list of trips covered are here You choose your tickets and pay at They then make the reservation with the Indian train system IRCTC (as an agency). Only when they manage to secure and actually book the tickets you…

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    Stray dogs in India, Nepal and Myanmar

    During our stays in India, Nepal and Burma, we are struck by the number of stray dogs we come across in the streets. This is a scene that we no longer see in other Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam or China, where dogs are eaten and teams supplying the dogs to restaurants “clean” the streets by kidnapping all the dogs that have the misfortune of hanging around in the street, whether they belong to someone or not.Fortunately, the religious fervor observed in India, Nepal and Burma also has a consequence in saving the lives of many stray dogs. They don’t hurt them, but they don’t take care of them either.The…

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    How to dress in India: A guide for women

    In India, if you can reveal your belly, your back, you must avoid revealing your shoulders, your knees, and forget the too tight or transparent clothes. Indians look at foreigners staring at them without blinking. Especially if they are blonde. It is better to dress in a discreet way and if possible to take the carriage intended for the women in the subway. Finding clothes adapted to the Indian heat while covering oneself as much as possible is quite difficult in Europe where as soon as the sun is shining, they sell us tank tops and mini-shorts. As a result, foreign tourists often arrive here with : long skirts up…

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    India, Nepal: sickly spitting

    After almost a month of traveling in this area, we still can’t get over the continuous spitting of the Indians and Nepalese.In India, instead of smoking, Indians chew the paan (betel). I, who hates smoke, am happy about it.A betel leaf, a layer of slaked lime, pieces of arec nuts, spices, herbs, sometimes a little tobacco and they chew for hours. This mixture gives a red liquid, which the Indians like to spit in the street. The red of this mixture affects the teeth and colors them permanently. It isn’t uncommon to meet Indians with teeth all red in a vampire way.Betel was also very popular in Vietnam a century…

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    18 Days in North India: Our Itinerary, Travel Guide & Budget

    India is obviously part of our world tour. Here is our itinerary. Itinerary of 2.5 weeks (18 days) Delhi: 3 days – For its exoticism and dynamism. From Delhi, plane to Udaipur. Cf. our travel notebook, budget and practical advice. Udaipur: 3 days – The most romantic city of India. From Udaipur, night train to Jaipur. Cf. our travel diary, budget andpractical advice Jaipur: 2 days – The pink city with its remarkable architecture. From Jaipur, day train to Agra. Cf. our travel diary and practical advice Agra: 3 days – To visit the famous Taj Mahal. An afternoon in Fatepuh Sikri (by cab). From Agra, night train to Khajuraho.…

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    Varanasi (India) – the holy city adored by Shiva

    There is a time when India no longer fascinates. And this moment arrived during our train journey from Khajuraho to Varanasi (also known as Benares). Varanasi – the city is considered one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Dedicated mainly to Shiva, it is the city that receives the most pilgrims in India, and is one of the seven sacred cities of Hinduism.