Contest to win a Google Home Mini

    To celebrate the *3 years* of the blog (already !!), we propose you a very simple contest to win a Google Home Mini speaker. To participate, it’s very simple: you must have an address in metropolitan France. Just like our Facebook page and comment under this Facebook post by tagging a friend. You have until Sunday midnight (31/03/2019) to participate. The draw will take place at the beginning of next week.

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    [Test & Reviews] The Best Face Care & Spas in Lisbon (Portugal)

    Today, I bring you to discover the best facials & spas (which I have personally tested) in Lisbon. To know that they are the best in the city, I simply trusted the hundreds of reviews left here and there on the Internet and tested them myself 😀 Why is it interesting to do a facial in Lisbon? (or in Portugal in general) ? Because the same treatment, of the same quality, would have cost +50% or even twice as much in France. You can therefore treat yourself to luxury treatments without (too) breaking your PEL. Note: for those of you traveling around the world of spas, I have written similar…

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    How do I get a refund following the cancellation of a flight due to the Wow Air bankruptcy?

    Like many, we had the bad surprise to see our flight cancelled following the bankruptcy of the company Wow Air. We had to leave exactly one week after the announcement of the bankruptcy We were lucky enough to be able to buy other tickets so as not to cancel our stay (with a stopover, a departure at dawn – not boreal– and twice as expensive…). No refund is to be expected from the company. It had a huge debt. The liquidator is going to sell the assets and there is a priority order of creditors. In France, it is the employees who have priority, then the State, … the customers…

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    Our stay in Bourville in Haute-Normandie (France) – part 1/2

    After the cat’s vacation in Trans-sur-Erdre (travel diary here), we are back in France for a month, in Haute-Normandie this time. The cat, Rosalie, is still with us! Why France? We have to redo our passports (which are very full) so we plan to spend a month in France, the time to redo them, do a health check-up with our favorite doctors – before flying to Canada, the US etc.. Why Haute-Normandie? Because renting a temporary apartment in Paris is much too expensive, and nobody accepts animals. JB launched a search on Airbnb, to find a house with a garden, accepting animals, at 3 hours by car/train from Paris maximum…

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    Practical guide of Lisbon (Portugal)

    We have just spent a month in Lisbon and we really liked this beautiful sunny city with its crazy charm. I know that there are already a lot of practical guides about Lisbon, but I am writing you a guide to my liking. Abstract The city center is quite small and public transportation is numerous, I think that 3 full days will be enough to explore the places without hurrying: 1 day to Lisbon, 1 day to Belém + beach, and 1 day to Sintra Download the CityMapper application for all your travels in Lisbon. It’s a city of hills and cobblestone streets, so quickly forget about strollers, pumps and…

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    A day in Setubal (Portugal)

    This travel diary will be much shorter than the others eh because it is a succession of monumental #fail 🙂 I put you commented pictures because we did almost nothing all day. We rented a car (with Europcar – official website) to go to Setubal, 52km from Lisbon. The fiat 500 costs 17€/24h and the Citroen C4 25€/24h It is in this corner that there is a bird sanctuary, where about thirty dolphins(bottle nose) live, and where the most beautiful beach in Europe is located: Galapinhos Beach. Well, it was not the best day of our life, because not only we did not see dolphins (while the success rate is…

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    Lisbon (Portugal) #10: Monastery of the Hieronymites, Belém

    Today, we take our courage in both hands to go to the district of Belém. It is only 30 minutes away from our house but there are only 2 buses that go there. They are always crowded, the drivers not at all nice… so we delay the moment, until the last moment Part 1: Travel Diary Part2: Practical Tips Part 1: Travel Diary It is thus in Uber that one goes there. We already visited the tower of Belém last time, but if you are going there for the first time, we advise you to go there first. Monastery of the Hieronymites I copy and paste here the presentation text…

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    Lisbon (Portugal) #9: Convent of the Carmelites, Castle S. Jorge, Puppet Museum, Restaurant Ponto Final

    Morning Puppet Museum This museum isn’t one of the best known/visited in the city but it’s something I like very much so I went there by myself. Entrance costs 5€ and there is a permanent exhibition and a temporary exhibition. I am told that the temporary exhibition is the one at Studio Aardman. What a surprise! I’ve been a fan of their work for years (I’ve watched Chicken Run, Creatures Comforts on a loop). First I show you the permanent collection. They have a very complete collection of all types of puppets from around the world. First the shadow puppets. Then puppets with threads, and even water puppets (those from…

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    Lisbon (Portugal) #8: LX Factory & Village Underground

    We heard a lot of good things about LX Factory, as a place to discover absolutely, because the concept is too trendy, too cool blah blah blah blah. In the end, it’s just a nice place (without more) to discover in Lisbon on a bored day – or when you run out of Instagram photos. Part 1: Travel Diary Part2: Practical Tips Part 1: Travel Diary Opinions are rather mixed on this place, and one of the negative opinions underlines that it should be visited on a Sunday, the market day. Otherwise, one is bored like a dead rat. So we went there on a Sunday. The place is a…