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    Speed / internet connection speed in Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai)

    To learn more about these surveys, click here. Date of measurement Type of connection Location Donwload speed Upload speed Ping speed 01/12/2017 Wifi Bangkok 7 13 19 03/12/2017 Wifi Bangkok 5 1 418 05/12/2017 Wifi Bangkok 21 2 6 05/12/2017 Wifi Bangkok 22 16 8 05/01/2018 Wifi Chiang Mai 21 10 22 08/01/2018 Wifi Chiang Mai 31 11 22 13/01/2018 Wifi Chiang Mai 1 2 24 14/01/2018 Wifi Chiang Mai 26 10 22 24/01/2018 Wifi Chiang Mai 33 11 21 27/01/2018 Wifi Chiang Mai 13 17 33 29/01/2018 Wifi Chiang Mai 17 23 29 03/02/2018 Wifi Chiang Mai 9 2 31

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    How to get VAT Refund in Thailand: Tax Refund in Thailand

    As soon as you buy something over 2000 baht in Thailand, you can ask for a VAT refund. The VAT refund (around 4.5%) will be done in cash at the airport. It’s very easy, just follow the instructions below. First step When you buy more than 2000 baht in the same store, ask for a Tax Invoice. To do this, simply give your passport at the checkout, you will receive a yellow sheet and the original invoice stapled on top.You can see that the VAT is 6.5% (361 baht) of the purchase amount (5530 baht), but I will only be refunded 250 baht (because the state still takes a small…

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    Chiang Mai (Thailand): What to visit, Travel Travel Guide, Addresses & Tips

    Unlike the southern islands of Thailand, Chiang Mai offers mountain scenery and a cuisine slightly different from the southern islands. Here is the list of our favorites and what to visit in the region To know For me, Chiang Mai is a starting point to other cities in Northern Thailand. The city is a bit polluted, not very pedestrian friendly (except in the evening). If you come all the way from Bangkok just to spend 2 days in the North, I tell you sincerely: it’s not worth it! Come to Chiang Mai if you plan to go then to Luang Prabang, or spend a few days in the surrounding cities…

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    Chiang Mai (Thailand): Silk and paper umbrellas, Silver Temple: continuation and end

    In spite of our 4 weeks in Chiang Mai, we spend so many weekends in the surroundings that we have the impression that we have not visited anything of the city So, we take advantage of our last 2 days in Chiang Mai to visit the top attractions in our wish list First of all, you have to go and see the famous handcrafted umbrellas of Chiang Mai Umbrella Making Centre We first go through the souvenir store which is extremely tempting because the prices are very correct (between 2€ and 10€, depending on the size of the umbrellas). Super cheap for handmade umbrellas In the garden, beautiful umbrellas are…

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    Pai (Thailand): Canyon, Mountains & Zenitude

    Just back from Luang Prabang, I’m getting ready to go to Pai for the weekend with JB. We would have liked to leave early in the morning, but as I missed my plane, we leave only in the afternoon around 3 pm. We have just enough time to make the trip by scooter before the sun sets at 6pm. Note: Recently, I have had questions about the accessibility of a particular location for people with reduced mobility. As tourist guides don’t always talk about it, from now on, I will add details about the accessibility of places in the “Practical advice” section. Part 1: Travel Diary Part 2: Practical Tips…

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    I tested the Face Care in Chiang Mai: addresses of institutes, advice, opinions, best face care Chiang Mai

    I seem to be travelling around the world to test the best massage addresses, beauty salons and cosmetics. My pretext would be to give you the best addresses and beauty secrets from all over the world. Hehe 😀 To see my favorite addresses in Seville, please click here My favorite addresses in Hanoi, it’s this way My favorite addresses in Budapest, it’s this way Medical tourism is developing more and more in Asia, especially in Thailand where the prices are rather soft and the know-how recognized. Many Americans come here to get botox injections, lip filler, laser stain removal or to beautify their eyebrows. Girls from other Asian countries come…

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    Fine for overstay in Thailand: what to do if you overstay your visa?

    Even though we have been travelling around the world since 18, we can still make beginner’s mistakes. The visa exemption in Thailand allowing us to stay for one month, we had planned to stay from January 3rd to February 3rd. Either… 31 days. While the visa exemption is only 30 days. #fail Anh made a quick trip to Laos and back to see a friend, and she “reset the clock” and was again entitled to 30 days. So I was the only one concerned by this problem. Some warnings about the overstay While some tourists may think they have everything they need when traveling in Southeast Asia, be aware that…

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    Visit of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai (Thailand): Travel Diary

    They say that if you didn’t come to Doi Suthep, you didn’t come to Chiang Mai at all. That’s what the travel agencies tell us. A 4 hour tour to Doi Suthep costs 500 baht/person, but as we have a scooter and we aren’t afraid of anything, we decided to go like that on a whim Part 1: Travel Diary Part 2: Practical Tips Part 1: Travel Diary Before going there, we stop at a Vietnamese restaurant very well noted on Tripadvisor, it is the 2nd Vietnamese restaurant well noted in Chiang Mai which disappoints us deeply. Decidedly, it isn’t the place to eat Vietnamese because they tend to adapt…

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    Muyay Thai Boxing Fights at Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium

    Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about combat sports. If you are looking for specialist information, you can leave right away, this article simply relates my experience of attending Thai boxing fights in Chiang Mai. For more simplicity, you can book a tour directly on Viator’s website. Muay-thai, better known as Thai boxing is one of the most violent variants of boxing. In addition to their fists, fighters can use their elbows, knees, feet and shins to hit the opponent. If I have never been a fan of combat sports, Thai boxing is the most popular sport in Thailand. So it is impossible to be in Chiang Mai without seeing a…

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    Renting a scooter in Chiang Mai (Thailand): how does it work?

    Having rented a slightly off-center condominium in Chiang Mai, we decided to rent a scooter for one month in order to be 100% autonomous. A little guide of things to know. Let’s start with a question very important. Can I rent a scooter without a motorcycle license? We will break the question down into two parts: Can I rent a scooter without a motorcycle license? The answer is yes. Am I allowed to drive a scooter without a motorcycle license? The answer is no. Many say that you can rent a scooter in Thailand with a simple car license. Affirming this is incomplete, it is false and it is dangerous.…