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    Papeete (French Polynesia): when the car doesn’t start anymore

    I have not yet told you about our last day in Papeete.After leaving Moorea by ferry, we are at the port with our suitcases, waiting like VIPs for our rental car to be delivered to us. For 45€/day, frankly, the service is royal.Our plane is at 2:30 am the next day, so we have the car for us until 10 pm.After lunch, a small passage at the Post Office and the visit of the 3 waterfalls (1 only because the access to the 2 others is closed since the flood), we stop on a semblance of parking on the side of the road to admire the surfers. 20 minutes later,…

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    Moorea (French Polynesia): snorkelling with Sharks and Rays

    Dear reader, what I will share with you here is HUGE! I just spent 2 days in Moorea so extraordinary that, as usual, I will not be stingy in descriptions, words and pictures. If you are also going around the world, don’t hesitate to stop over in French Polynesia, even if it’s expensive, it’s so worth it. Part 1: Travel Diaries Day 1 : From Papeete, we take an early morning ferry to Moorea. In 40 minutes of extremely pleasant journey (where I slept), we arrive at the ferry station of Moorea, where a 4×4 is waiting for us for a 4h excursion. Tom, the guide, welcomes us warmly and…

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    Papeete (French Polynesia): more beautiful than expected

    It still took us 6 hours to do Auckland – Papeete. We left on November 24th and arrived on November 23rd, one day earlier. We gain in efficiency I tell you! Doesn’t that remind you of another very famous round-the-world trip? AirTahitiNui takes good care of its customers On all the forums, everyone advises to leave Tahiti Nui island, limited as soon as you arrive at the airport (lol), to go to Moorea, Bora Bora… so I didn’t have a lot of expectations for this island. In the end, it is much more beautiful than expected. Part 1: Travel Diary Day 1 : The arrival in Papeete corresponds to all…