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    [story time] I broke a front tooth – and the consequences 20 years later (devitalization, crown…)

    Today, I will share with you my story, from the time I chipped my front tooth until now (20 years later). I was very hesitant to write this article, in addition to illustrating it with my own photos. Honestly, it doesn’t please anyone to show pictures of their teeth, especially if you have a complex about it. But it’s an article that I so, so would have liked to find 20 years ago – so if I could help someone avoid the same mistakes I made, this article is made just for that. Sorry for the quality of the photos, I put them in very small and some in black…

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    Dental Care in Canada – How much it costs, How it works

    Because of a badly treated cavity, I finally stayed in Montreal for two months – because the radio showed even more problems than I thought. Let me tell you about the care I received and the fees Why get treatment in Canada? Because I’m just there right now. But after the excellent care I received, I thought it was a good choice. I know I can’t generalize, the quality of care obviously depends on the dentist but for someone with a lot of dental problems, I found the care experience much more pleasant and effective in Canada. Anesthetics are used to make the experience as painless as possible Dentists take…

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    [Test & Advice] Using hypnosis to treat bruxism (teeth grinding) & other traumas

    I feel very lucky because every time I need something, chance/universe gives me the solution. In this case, just when I needed it, I was not only given the coordinates of the best dentist in Montreal, but was also told about a method to cure bruxism: hypnosis. The origin of bruxism Bruxism = grinding your teeth at night. It is said that the noise is quite characteristic and horrible. This can be noticed if you share a bed with someone who is slightly sensitive to noise, or by taking an x-ray at the dentist. Unfortunately, French dentists do not check this point systematically, so if you have any doubt, ask…

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    Digital Nomad: how to find the ideal accommodation on Airbnb?

    As a digital nomad, we stay all year round in Airbnb apartments. In this video, I explain my approach to find a monthly accommodation in which we will feel at home. I present you the questions I ask the owner before booking. If you have never used Airbnb and you want a coupon code, you can use this link which will give you a 25 € discount: https://www.airbnb.fr/c/jmoingt?currency=EUR

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    Search for a good cheap hotel with Booking, Agoda, Hotels.com and Tripadvisor

    In this video, I present you our approach to find good hotels at the best price. I start my search by Booking which is probably the hotel reservation site offering the most choices all over the world. I check that the selected hotel is well rated on Tripadvisor I make sure there are no bed bugs (type the name of the hotel + bed bugs on Google) I see if the price is more interesting on Agoda, it is regularly the case for hotels in Asia Finally, I look at the price on Hotels.com . Thanks to the fidelity program, you get back the equivalent of 10% of the price…

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    Attend a Montreal Impact soccer game (Canada)

    In Canada and the United States, the most popular sports are basketball, ice hockey, baseball and American soccer. Founded in 1993, Major League Soccer (MLS) is a 24-team (21 USA and 3 from Canada) soccer team (or soccer as they say here). MLS is developing little by little and is beginning to welcome some of the big names in soccer, usually at the end of their careers. David Beckham in Las Vegas and Thierry Henry in New York were among the pioneers. I have the opportunity to discover all this in Montreal, whose local franchise is called the Montreal Impact. I was able to easily buy my ticket on the…

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    Bolt: Review and promo code 15 € (March 2020) of the VTC application (ex Taxify)

    To get a 15 € discount on your first race with Bolt, you can use the promo code LH99B. This code is valid in March 2020. Bolt, formerly called Taxify (and even Txfy in France for not having “Taxi” in its name) is a service of VTC, competitor of Uber and other Kapten. Bolt is an Estonian company that first developed in Eastern Europe. It was in Bucharest, Romania, that I first heard about it and started to use this service. Bolt is now available in France (in Paris and Lyon). Bolt is present in 50 cities in 30 countries In Paris, the Bolt application also allows the use of…

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    1 day in Toronto (Canada)

    We actually spent a week in Toronto, but after a 15-day vacation in Iceland, we worked hard, went to Niagara Falls and had to wait a long time for the sun to come back. So it’s with all our layers of winter clothes – that we go out in the street – because it’s sunny, yes, but it’s still super cold. We start first with the High Park near our house, hoping to see the cherry trees in bloom. But there was absolutely NOTHING. The winter was particularly long this year, and we are in Toronto 2 weeks before flowering. A pity. Field hockey Hall of Fame We take the…

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    Visit to Niagara Falls (Canada) in April (early spring)

    During our express passage in Toronto, we went – of course – to Niagara Falls, located between the United States and Canada. Part 1: Travel Diary Part2: Practical Tips Part 1: Travel Diary Access to the falls is completely free (they are on the side of the road and not in the deep jungle), but we opted for the Wonder Pass (25$/person HT) – which gives access AND to the buses, AND to some attractions. Montreal – Niagara Route We did it by bus, with the company Megabus, on time, clean and comfortable. 40$ round trip on average. The trip isn’t very nice but fast (1h30). The seats aren’t numbered…

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    Mood Ticket: Getting Treatment in Canada

    You may have noticed my radio silence on the blog since our arrival in Canada. I explained it briefly on Facebook, but I will tell you a little more about it here. As I go to the dentist at least every year, I ask for the contact information of reputable dentists in the countries I visit, and if the opportunity arises, I go there for a check-up. Thus, I was able to visit dentists in Thailand and Morocco. In Morocco, a very good dentist-surgeon recommended me to stay somewhere a little longer – because he cannot treat a cavity very close to the nerve. And if this tooth needs to…