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Around the world… in Vietnam

It is possible to travel around the world while staying in Vietnam!

A photo album of a Vietnamese blogger-traveler has just created the buzz in Vietnam. Quang Quick has gathered the most beautiful Vietnamese landscapes and compared them with other famous landscapes of the 5 continents. Enough to make you want to stay looooong time in Vietnam

Rung Tra Tra Su – An Giang

Typical flooded forest of the Mekong Delta, the Tra Su Cajepu forest is to be discovered by boat. Located in the province of An Giang, several excursions bring you there from Chau Doc or Can Tho
Ideal length of visit: 1 afternoon


Ly Son Island

This volcanic island, known for its onions and garlic, will seduce you with its beautiful wild beaches with transparent water. To get there, take a cab from Quang Nam airport to Quang Ngai (for 20€). A boat will bring you early in the morning on the island, in one hour (for 5€)
Ideal length of visit: 2 to 3 days


Moc Chau

It is a popular destination for backpackers because tourism is still underdeveloped. Known for its cow’s milk and green tea, Moc Chau seduces photographers who come to immortalize its flowers on the mountainsides from November to January. To get there, take a bus from My Dinh bus station (north of Hanoi) from 5am to 5pm, or from Yen Nghia bus station in Ha Dong (west of Hanoi) from 5am to 1pm. The journey takes 5 hours
Ideal length of visit: 2 days

Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai : In Vietnamese, we can use this name to designate a place very far away, isolated, at the end of the mountain. However, Mu Cang Chai is closer to Hanoi than Sapa. The best time to go there is either in May/June, when you can clearly see the stepped rice fields, or in September/October, just before the harvest. It is possible to go there by motorcycle. The path is dangerous for the novices, but for the more seasoned, the magnificent landscapes are worth the effort. Otherwise, buses leaving from Giap Bat or My Dinh (Ha Noi) to Lai Chau go through Mu Cang Chai, the bus leaves at 7pm and arrives at Mu Cang Chai at 2am
Ideal length of visit: 2 days

Doc Let

One of the most beautiful beaches near Nha Trang, Doc Let is a dream destination with its white sand and palm trees. You can take a bus from Nha Trang, or go there by motorcycle from Nha Trang. The bus will stop 1.5km away from Doc Let. Take a cab or walk
Ideal tour duration: 3-4 days, to be combined with Nha Trang

Salt Mountain – Nui Muoi – Bach Moc

3000m of altitude, between Lai Chau and Lao Cai, Nui Muoi is for great adventurers. Its ascent requires 3 days and 2 nights

Lang Son

Lang Son is a city in northern Vietnam. From Hanoi, you can take a bus to Giap Bat, the journey takes 4 hours. Or from My Dinh (Ha Noi), the trip takes 2h30. Lang Son isn’t very far from the Chinese border. It is a cheap shopping place, where you can buy lots of “made in China” products, or cross the border to discover many Chinese restaurants on the other side
Ideal length of visit: 1 day

Hon Khoi

Visit the salt village Ninh Diem (Hon Khoi peninsula, Khanh Hoa province). Production lasts from March to October. You can get there from Nha Trang. The village isn’t far from Doc Let. Take the opportunity to visit the salt village and the beaches of Doc Let
Ideal tour duration: 1/2 day, to be combined with Nha Trang

Ha Giang

The place to be before the Lunar New Year, to admire the cherry blossoms. Ha Giang is the ideal destination for Vietnamese backpackers-bikers, who find pleasure in driving 10 hours non-stop from Hanoi to Ha Giang. Otherwise, you can take a bus: Hai Van’s buses leave Hanoi (My Dinh bus station) at 8:30 pm every day and arrive in Ha Giang at 4:25 am
Ideal length of visit: 1 day

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of my favorite cities in Vietnam. I went there 4 times but I can go there again and again
Nha Trang is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The weather is very favorable, you can swim there from January to October
The people of Nha Trang also enjoy it regularly. They regularly go there by motorcycle after their working day, bathe fully dressed in the ocean, and return home by motorcycle
From Nha Trang, you can visit a famous Cham temple, two beautiful and imposing Buddha statues, go to the small islands nearby, go scuba diving, parasailing, bask in mud baths. The pagodas of Nha Trang are very different from Nha Trang seafood can be tasted directly on the beach (as is the case of many Vietnamese beaches)
Ideal length of visit: Lifetime (at least 4 days)

nhatrang-plage-nha-trang-banner Nha-Trang-La-plage-de-Nha-TrangVietnam6pagode-Long-Son-nha-trang12670234_10153582897399125_9214904255440663531_n

My favorite hotel in Nha Trang remains VinPearl Nha Trang Resort, which has privatized an island and built a cable linking Nha Trang to the island in 30mn. On the island, the hotel has built an amusement park, accessible to all guests. If you do not stay at the hotel, it is possible to go to the island with a ticket. But guests have access to a much more beautiful and quiet beach than the guests of the amusement park. I tell you, having stayed in several Vietnamese luxury hotels, that it remains my favorite hotel

Vinpearl_Land-Nha-Trang Cap treo

My Son

This ruin of the temples was an imperial city during the Champa dynasty. It is the Vietnamese Angkor Wat
Ideal duration of visit: 1 day, to be combined with your stay in Da Nang

Da Lat

Da Lat is also one of my favorite cities, for its climate, its parks, its very romantic lakes. In Da Lat, the 4 seasons pass in one day. In the morning it is spring, at noon in summer, in the afternoon in autumn and at night in winter. It is the only city where you can grow strawberries. The roses of Da Lat are the most famous and the most beautiful in Vietnam
Da Lat is also known for its haunted houses & heartbreaking love stories
Ideal length of visit: A lifetime. Or at least 3 days
12744147_10153582897244125_7555159680543958715_n IMG_3585IMG_3587 IMG_3741 IMG_3766

Ban Gioc

The biggest waterfalls in Vietnam, next to the Chinese border
Ideal duration of visit: 2 days, to be combined with the visit of Ba Be (three bays) and the Pac Bo cave. There is a night bus taking you to Cao Bang, near the waterfalls of Ban Gioc

Con Dao

Considered as “paradise to hell”, Con Dao evokes, for the Vietnamese, the prison that the Americans built to torture thousands of Viet Cong
Today, Con Dao is again known for its heavenly beaches and its national park
Ideal duration of visit: 2 days. Regular flights from Ho Chi Minh City

Lang Co

Ideal length of visit: 2 days

Dong Thap

Ideal length of visit: 1-2 days

Mui Ne

Ideal length of visit: A lifetime. Or at least 4 days
Mui Ne is particularly suitable for kite-surfers because other Vietnamese beaches do not have enough wind for this activity. Mui Ne is also a great destination for scuba diving, or just sunbathing ..


The former royal city. An accent to fall. Hue is home to the ancient royal palace and royal tombs
Ideal length of visit: 3 days

12647144_10153553173814125_78081645137207676_n jbvn 411 jbvn 432

Cam Ranh

Ideal length of visit: 2 days

Ba Na

To combine with Da Nang

Hoi An

Hoi An looks like the old Hanoi district, but better. The visit of Hoi An is to be combined with Da Nang
The ideal time to go there is during the full moon (14th or 15th of the month, lunar calendar) because the whole city celebrates the full moon. There are many ephemeral restaurants, and walking around in the evening with the red lanterns lit is truly an unforgettable experience. Beware, apart from the full moon, in the evening, Hoi An is quite quiet


Ho Chi Minh City

Ideal length of visit: 2 days

Phu Yen

The rocky slope Ganh Da Dia measures 50 m and unfolds on more than 200 m. Because of its plate-like shape of the props, it is called Da Dia. Not very well known, it is better to go there by motorcycle
Ideal length of visit: 1 day
12643015_10153553170284125_6267536845760201560_n Phu Quoc

Known for its heavenly beaches and its famous fish sauce, Phu Quoc is an island located in the South of Vietnam

Ideal length of visit: 3-4 days. Regular flights from Ho Chi Minh City

Tam Coc – Ninh Binh

Ideal length of visit: 1 day
It is necessary to go there between August and September, the boat trip between the rice fields is a must

Doong Sound

His Doong is for the most motivated. Only one agency organizes the excursions within this immense cave, for the modest sum of $3000 (with porters, oxygen tanks etc.). All tours are fully booked for 2016 but you can book for 2017. Even Vietnamese travelers don’t dare to venture there alone
12662677_10153553171399125_7027036771852074990_n Hang-Son-Doong Hang-Son-Doong-mapa


Mandatory passage, for the kitchen, for the old city, for the restored Sword Lake, for the French architecture of the old French buildings (the markets, the Hanoi Opera House, the big hotels like the Sofitel Legend Metropole)


Halong Bay

Mandatory stop! Even if Halong Bay has become very touristy, sleeping on a boat in the middle of the bay remains a must experience
12644676_10153553172904125_8981368125843067411_n bigstock-picturesque-sea-landscape-ha--31634699


A train will take you to Lao Cai. Take a bus to Sapa. Very touristic, Sapa has developed a lot in the last few years. However, the treks are still good and bring you to the end of the ethnic minority villages. It is better to go to Sapa in summer, preferably with winter or hiking clothes. Nobody believes me but everybody had to buy the clothes on the spot 🙂 So it’s not because it’s 15°C that we aren’t cold. Don’t forget, it’s humid in Vietnam
Treks are for all levels: beginners, intermediate, or experienced, from half a day to 3-4 days
JB did a 5h trek in the rain, but he still has great memories of it10271532_10153553169814125_7522552739075707910_n jbvn 367 jbvn 372jbvn 386 jbvn 389

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