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6 essential applications to enjoy New York (USA)

6 applications to make the most of this city like no other.

1. Uber : discount code 10€ for your 1st use : rlz9u

free app, available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store


Even in New York City, where cabs aren’t very expensive and the subway is accessible, you sometimes need Uber and its superb service. New York has a good network of Uber drivers, especially at the airport, where taking an Uber can save precious time.

2. Yelp

free app, available on App Store, Google Play, Amazon Kindle and Windows Store


America’s favorite application! You can find everything there! Opinions and recommendations on the best restaurants, stores, nightlife, entertainment, services, etc. Americans love to leave reviews, comment, take pictures… Yelp satisfies this need. Reviews reflect the quality of the establishments. Do not go to restaurants with less than 4 stars.

3.New York MTA Subway Map

free app, available on Apple Store, Google Play


The essential application for all your subway trips, with indications related to the exits to take. You can’t get lost or make a mistake with this app.

4. Simple Tip Calculator

free app, available on Apple Store, Google Play


Indispensable application to easily calculate tips (and especially to know what you REALLY will pay at the end of the meal).
In case of separate payment, just enter the number of people sharing the bill. As a reminder, tips are between 15% and 20%. In general, I leave 18%.

5. Explore 9/11

free app, available on Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Store


You will surely visit the 9/11 Memorial. Before going there, remember to download the official app. It explains the architecture of the memorial, tells you the life behind each victim’s name. Very moving.

If you plan to visit the museum, also download the official application on Apple Store, Google Play, which also serves as an audio guide.

6. Top of the Rock

free app, available on iTunes and Google Play


Essential application for your visit to the Top of the Rock. It serves as an audio guide but also as an interactive map to learn more about the surrounding buildings. The application also provides a list of restaurants next door if you get hungry.

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