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Our stay in Bourville in Haute-Normandie (France) – part 1/2

After the cat’s vacation in Trans-sur-Erdre (travel diary here), we are back in France for a month, in Haute-Normandie this time. The cat, Rosalie, is still with us!

Why France?

We have to redo our passports (which are very full) so we plan to spend a month in France, the time to redo them, do a health check-up with our favorite doctors – before flying to Canada, the US etc..

Why Haute-Normandie?

Because renting a temporary apartment in Paris is much too expensive, and nobody accepts animals.

JB launched a search on Airbnb, to find a house with a garden, accepting animals, at 3 hours by car/train from Paris maximum (Rosalie doesn’t like transportation). And we came across this pretty house in Bourville. As usual, we rented the house for a month, and a car at E. Leclerc for a month (4€/day + gas + kilometer fee), JB talked about this great plan here.

Bourville, where?

For those of you who know a little bit about Haute-Normandie, we are in the middle of nowhere between Dieppe and Etretat, in an area quite eligible for the filming of “L’amour est dans le pré” (Love is in the Meadow). The nearest town is called Bourville, a small town of 300 inhabitants. All the towns in the area end with “city”: Ermenouville, Héberville, Gonzeville etc. Finally “city” is a big word because they are mainly made up of fields.

We are in a place even more lost càd in “suburbs” of Bourville, not even having its own postal code, obliged to take that of Bourville.

I show you our house (2 bedrooms) in video. 650€ for 28 nights, or 23€/night.

Medical Desert

Always having our bad Parisian habits, it is here that we discover in practice the medical deserts in France. Wanting to do a simple check-up at a local dentist, before flying to Canada, we had to call several dentists, who almost hung up on us saying “no more patients”.


Since we are far from everything and we have already visited a little bit of Haute-Normandie, the main interest of the area is Rosalie, our cat. She was adopted via the Rennes association Félin Possible 9 years ago (we never lived in Rennes, I went back and forth from Paris to pick her up).

She was found in someone’s garden with her cubs. All these people were adopted thanks to the association, and Rosalie – who has since been sterilized – became Parisian. Because of our trip around the world, she went to live with my sister – in Paris – and we take her from time to time on vacation, in a house with a garden – because we miss her too much. Finally… Rosalie is on vacation, we are working ^^.

She enjoys the garden, the herbs (she knows how to recognize the edible herbs for her), watching the birds. She walks without a leash because the garden is secured and I watch her during her little walk. All in all, she is enjoying her vacations and her good life. And we enjoy her purring <3<3 and her pretty face (rhoooo).

I’ll leave you, I’ll talk about our visits to the surrounding area in a future article. See you soon!

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