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Bariloche (Argentina): Circuito Chico, and by car this time

It’s a shame to sum up Bariloche to its super boring city center, we give it a second chance by exploring its surroundings by car. Direction the hotel Llao Llao (a super known hotel in Argentina), being near the Circuito Chico, a 27km circuit very known by the cyclists.

Part 1: Travel Diaries
Part 2: Practical Tips

Part 1: Travel Diaries

As soon as we leave the city center, beautiful landscapes offer themselves to us, we find this side “Swiss village” which makes the fame of Bariloche.



With Christmas decorations, it’s even prettier. img_6486.jpg

Apparently there is a 21km race today. But cars are still allowed to drive through the park.

Hotel Llao Llao (about 300USD/night) is rather disappointing up close, but the rooms must have a magnificent view of the two nearby lakes.

img_6491.jpg img_6490.jpg

We continue on our way. At one point, we cross a bridge and discover these dream beaches on the edge of a lake (there are so many lakes here, don’t ask me which lake it is):D


Nice little beach. Of course, if there is less wind, you can swim here. There are several panels playa publica and rescuers are present to watch the beaches.


The view isn’t always pretty like that unfortunately, we still drive a lot in the forest. For the cyclists, it must not be very pleasant because it goes up a lot and then it goes down a lot.

We finally arrive at this viewpoint which makes the reputation of Bariloche (click on the picture to zoom). We can even take a picture with a real Saint-Bernard lol. In the middle of the lake, we see the hotel Llao Llao, the most known hotel of Argentina thanks to its dream location.


Next to it, there is a foodtruck selling choripan (bread with a huge barbecued sausage) for 50$AR. It’s delicious! Especially in front of such a landscape.


On the way back, we hitch-hike 2 Argentinians, one of whom works as a lifeguard on a beach near the city center. He speaks super good English too! We take the opportunity to ask him the best addresses of Bariloche, he gives us the name of Rapanui and Mamushka for the chocolate, and Helados Jauja for the ice cream.

He tells me that the bus schedules aren’t reliable here. Considering the number of people waiting for the bus at the bus stations, I can believe it. And since he is almost late for work, he prefers to hitchhike.

We quickly go to the bus terminal to check that the tickets bought the day before at the travel agency are valid (if you remember, we came across an employee who didn’t know how to book bus tickets). And off we go to Villa la Agostura, the most charming village in the lake region.

Part 2: Practical Tips


  • Ask for a map of the Circuito Chico/Bariloche at the tourist office. They have a very detailed map with view points, public transport on each of the roads, and hiking in the area.
  • If you don’t want to rent a car, take bus no. 20 and stop at the Circuito Chico Mountain Bike agency. Rent a bike and do the 27km loop. Beware, it is necessary to plan quite a lot of time for the return trip because the bus schedules here aren’t reliable.
  • Some of the hiking trails are forbidden for biking.
  • If you don’t want to ride a bike, there are excursions from the center of Bariloche, starting at 200$AR/person


1€ = 16$AR

  • Car rental at CORRENTOSO: 1260$AR/day for a small 3-door car, 100km max, 2,3$AR for each additional km. Decreasing rates from 2 days.
  • Personally, we paid 2750$AR + 565$AR insurance, for 3 days, 600km included and a “premium” insurance


Detailed plan taken from

The panoramic view point is n°4.
And the bridge with beautiful beaches: n°7.
Hotel Llao Llao: n°12


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