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Total transport budget Round the world 2016 – 2017 – 21 countries crossed in 11 months

As you knew, we have a round-the-world ticket that only includes long haul flights. Most of the trips in Asia and South America are outside the round-the-world ticket. Since transportation is a big budget, we are giving you here the detailed budget so you can have a good idea of the cost, so it may help you, if you have very few destinations, to decide whether or not to buy a round-the-world ticket.

The total cost of all transportation (excluding cabs) is estimated at 8000€/person for 21 countries crossed

France – South Africa – Qatar (short stay) – India – Nepal – Thailand – Burma – Vietnam – China (Hong Kong, Macau) – Philippines – Vietnam – Singapore – Indonesia (short stay) – Malaysia (short stay) – Singapore – New Zealand – France (French Polynesia) – Chile (Easter Island) – Chile – Argentina – Chile – Bolivia – Peru – Bolivia – Paraguay – Brazil (short stay) – Argentina – Uruguay – Argentina – Brazil – France – Cuba.

Round-the-world tickets

3800€/person via Travel Nation (and One World) and includes the following trips :

  • Paris – Johannesburg – Paris (dry flights)
  • Paris – Doha – New Delhi
  • Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Auckland – Papeete – Easter Island – Santiago
  • Buenos Aires – Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo – Paris

The nomenclature

City of departure (Country) -> City of arrival (Country) – Mode of transportation – Price in €/USD (if paid in €/USD) or mention “round-the-world ticket – Price in local currency (only if paid in local currency)

The rates given are for 1 person (adult
)Attention, for car rentals, we have divided the rental price by 2, to make it easier to calculate the cost of transportation for one person. If you are 4, divide this rate by 2.

Cost per trip

Here are all the routes during our first world tour! 😀

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