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Round the world cruise aboard a Costa / MSC: Interview

Once isn’t customary, we have the privilege to interview Anna L., a globetrotter who has the chance to travel the world on cruises.

For having made and very much liked our cruise in the Norwegian fjords, we recommended the Mediterranean cruise to our parents who also liked it very much. So, the world cruise makes us dream and we thought of an interview to have as much information as possible about this kind of trips.

The interview was conducted via Facebook, since Anna is currently on a world tour as well, but aboard the Costa. She has just made a stopover in Brazil.

Photo (click to zoom in): An example of a round-the-world itinerary of Costa. Price: from 12 500€ for 102 days per person. More info about this tour here.

1. Hello, can you quickly introduce yourself?

My name is Anna L. I am 27 years old, I have one child and I live in the Northwest Territories in Inuvik, Canada. Before, I used to live in the Paris area, but due to professional changes, I decided to move to Canada.

2. You are currently cruising around the world with Costa. Where did this idea to go around the world on a cruise come from?

In life we have dreams, and going around the world is one of my most important dreams. I have already left in 2015, I have come half way with the ship Costa Deliziosa, I support this theory that every social mix can reach his dream.

3. Can you describe a typical day on the ship?

A day on board (at sea/at sea) is punctuated by activities throughout the day: conferences, seminars not mandatory. We can take part in dance classes, gym… Everything to make us happy. Or why not visit the ship? The ship has many bars, spaces for young people… A long promenade deck where we can admire the horizon. For excursions, every morning we go to the theater to get our numbered “Costa badge” (which represents a group) that we put on our clothes. Then, we take the bus with a French guide who explains us the history of the city, takes us to see landscapes… But I don’t really like to be with Costa because we spend our time rushing, we are on vacations, why running ?

4. Do you have any tips on how to minimize the costs of such a trip?

Costa proposes the complete itinerary or in 3 itineraries made up of

– /Savonne – Valparaiso/
– /Valparaiso – Melbourne/
– /Melbourne – Soap/

The company offers 15 excursions included in the cruise price.

For cruises, the price is per person. The higher the cabin category, the higher the price will be. The cheapest cabin is an interior cabin (without windows). The most expensive is a suite called “Samsara”. The complete tour is estimated to cost thousands of Euros.

There are online cruise agencies that can offer you cheaper prices than on the shipowner’s website, you just have to choose your itinerary and your cabin.

Payment in 3/4 times is convenient, but before boarding your cruise must be paid in full.

Once on board, you will also have expenses to make because as you know the company makes sure that you take out the cabin card (cash is forbidden on board, everything happens with a cabin card that acts as an identity card + means of payment and finally, gives us light in the cabin)

There is another route that passes through the Panama Canal but I have never done this route. Costa offers two round-the-world tours per year. The opening of sales is 1 year before departure.

5. Are there other expenses to take into account?

At the time of booking, the company offers you some options to add but it is optional because we can take this option on board the ship

Options :

  • Drink package
  • Photo package
  • Boat laundry (with discount)
  • Tourist tax to be paid at the end of the cruise
  • The cost of a visit to the doctor’s office
  • Excursions
  • Beauty/ spa/ hairdresser package
  • Internet package
  • Some drinks not included in the drink package are marked with a red *.

Those who have never been on a cruise will think of a money factory… That’s what it sounds like… But in no case, the company does not force me to take them because they are optional options except for the tourist taxes which are compulsory.

Photo: An example of excursions offered by the ship

6. How’s the food situation?

There are main restaurants with 2 services. We can choose the service at 7pm or 9pm with a designated table and a designated waiter. The proposed menu includes several dishes, there are special dishes for diets.

There is a buffet open all day long with all kinds of dishes, hamburgers, fries, pizzas, cakes, vegetables etc… There is no time for service as it is open all the time.

For the captain’s gala and other special evenings, there are different menus.

Photo: A dessert served on the ship

7. What activities are offered on board?

The activities are spread over the whole day, we have the program with our logbook.

For example :

  • Quizz
  • Aquatic Gym
  • Dance Classes
  • Language Courses
  • Bingo
  • Do-it-yourself activities
  • Health Seminars
  • Evening shows
  • For children, there is peppa pig, the star of Costa

Photo: Excerpt from the logbook

8. How does it work for visas?

For the visas, for this trip, I only had to apply for India and Australia. It is necessary to ask the ESTA if the boat goes through the US. If we do not have all the visas we can be refused access to the boat, which means that we lose the cruise and no refund is possible

Photo (click to zoom): The itinerary of the round-the-world trip with MSC in 2019. Price: from 12 500€ for 118 nights, per person. More info here.

Thank you to Anne for your time!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate! We will forward your questions to him.


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