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10 common things you are not used to after several months in South America

As you know, we spent a few days in France before making the round trip to Cuba, due to cost issues. I know, it’s not logical, but that’s how it is! The return to France is really too funny, we feel like savages who discover the 😀 civilization and are surprised by a lot of banal things that we aren’t used to anymore.

1. Tap water is potable and can be served free of charge at the restaurant.

As I was looking carefully at the drink menu in a Parisian restaurant, my sister reminded me of this extraordinary privilege we have, ordering a “carafe of water”. I have already forgotten it, after several months of systematically ordering “una botela sin gas” in South America

2. QP can be flushed down the toilet

Wow! I feel like I’m regaining 2 centuries of technological progress.Everywhere in South America, there were posters reminding us that PQ should end up in a garbage can next door and not in the toilet because the pipes were not designed for that lol

3. People smoke

People smoke much more in France than in South America. Over there, people were “drugged” too, but with maté, a bitter tea infusion. At high altitudes, they chew coca leaves. It’s very different from a Parisian terrace drowned under a cloud of toxic smoke.

4. We understand everything

It’s weird to hear French again everywhere we go. Finally, we no longer need to concentrate to decipher every syllable spoken, nor to express ourselves.

5. People dress well

I’ve already forgotten how well the French dressed. I thought I could get away with my hiking pants in Paris for a few days but no, I look too much like the homeless.

6. A big box of Kinder Friends costs only 2€

I hallucinated in front of the prices of Ferrero products (Nutella, Kinder, Ferrero…) at the supermarket! In South America, any Ferrero product costs 10€. Here in France, I feel like I’m too rich! I can afford a jar of Nutella without crying !!!

7. We eat too well

In front of the card of a very commonplace brewery, we are excited as if we were having a private conversation with Santa Claus. Everything speaks to us! Beef tartare, Niçoise salad, foie gras, charcuterie board… it will take us weeks and weeks to eat everything we love in France.

8. We are served ONLY 200g of meat

In South America, 350g of meat per person is the standard. Here, with barely 200g of meat, I have the impression that I am served the children’s menu.

9. The water is hot and the pressure is good

I no longer have to choose between heat and pressure. It’s the ultimate luxury! Yeeeeee!

10. Stress is among us

Ah yes, the Zen attitude has disappeared, it has been replaced by an ambient gloom and stressful looks. It’s Sunday, but to get off the subway, it’s panic.Excuse me ma’am I get off at this station, I push you even if the train only stops in 2 minutes because, I don’t know me, I absolutely have to be the first to get off because… because!! I am Parisian myself ! Get out of the way ! I’m stress incarnate ! watch out I’m angry, I’m pissed off, I’m Parisian OK ???!!!!

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