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Reviews: Osprey Mira AG 26 backpack for women – ideal for the round-the-world tour

Everyone advised me to take a backpack for the world tour instead of dragging my suitcase on wheels. However, I’m not a big sportswoman, so it took me several weeks to find out and look for a backpack that met the following criteria:

  • Comfortable for my back as a small, unsporting woman
  • As light as possible
  • The bag should be as ventilated as possible
  • I like to be able to close and protect the contents of my bag properly


A lot of research on the Internet directed me to the Deuter Futura 28 but when I went to see the bag, I was disenchanted with its slightly long back (I’m very small me), and its small volume when the two compartments are separated by the zipper. Indeed, to really have the 28L, you have to open the zipper, you are with a big compartment and can’t separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones anymore.

In the end, nothing beats a real visit to the store. I came across a very attentive salesman who knows all the bags by heart, at Au Vieux Campeur (78 Boulevard Saint-Germain Paris). He made me try the bags that met all my requirements and showed me how to adjust the straps. Finally, I chose a 26 Liters.

Mira AG™ 26 Osprey

That’s how Osprey’s Mira AG™ 26 size S/M was chosen to accompany me all around the world. This bag is an improved version of its predecessor Mira 26 (without AG technology).

Basically, it was created for hikers, with a curved shape allowing to balance the load whatever the terrain (sloping or flat).


The plusses

This bag actually meets all my criteria:

  • Comfortable for my back: it is a model created for women with support at the hips so that the weight is distributed everywhere. The bag is equipped with Anti-Gravity™. technology that creates an air space between the back and the bag, while distributing the weight evenly to reduce fatigue.

Anti-Gravity™: The AG back panel AntiGravity™ includes the world’s first fully ventilated belt. Whether you’re exploring warm climates or hiking across the tundra, the mesh fabric and perforated 3D back panel provides unparalleled comfort and ventilation, while providing exceptional load-carrying quality.

  • I tested several models in the store and frankly, it’s with this one that I really hooked on. I really didn’t feel the weight on my thin shoulders at all and the length of the back is just right for me. I took the size S/M
  • As light as possible : 980g, who says better?
  • The bag must be as ventilated as possible: Excellent ventilation because my back is touching a mesh system. The net and the bag form a curve so that air can pass between the two. Even the straps are ventilated


  • I like to be able to close my bag properly: There I have zippers that are half metal. I can even use a code padlock to close 2 compartments together


Other cool features:

  • An Osprey hydration tank can be purchased, which can hold up to 3L. Great for hiking.
  • Lots of pockets, straps, fastening systems + a scratch-resistant pocket for glasses
  • Osprey’s Lifetime Warranty
  • Integrated rain cover. You can remove the cover from your pocket to make a “secret pocket” if neededIMG_5049

The –

  • Very few color choices in France (only one choice at the time of writing this article, i.e. in turquoise – while Americans are entitled to 2 colors including the gray version which is a little more classy)
  • In Europe, Osprey sells the bags without the hydration tank; whereas in the United States, everything is included
  • Side pockets are stretchable but not adjustable. They will be too small to store shoes/sandals. The stretch front pocket is too small to put a small jacket/vest

The price

129€ – without hydration tank
26€ to 36€ more if you wish to buy a hydration tank


After a year of traveling, I confirm the strengths and weaknesses of Mira AG 26. It’s very comfortable to wear, it doesn’t give me back pain at all, it’s well ventilated and it’s very solid (withstood several planes, abuse in the holds of buses…)

However, I will add that :

  • if you travel ONLY with this bag in countries with variable temperatures, this bag will be too small for you. Indeed, the fact of taking at the same time winter and summer clothes obliged me to make my husband carry some indispensable objects (first aid kit, parachute rope, Swiss Army knife) -> it will be necessary to take the bigger model
  • but if you only travel to countries where it’s hot, the size of the bag (26L) is perfect

Note: I know this bag is now very hard to find; you may want to look for a similar bag at Deuter (30L, 1.14kg) with a ventilated back system, large shoe pockets and an even more stylish look.

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