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Beer Spa / Beer Bath in Prague (Czech Republic): Travel Diary

While walking in Prague, we came across a lot of advertising posters… for tourists. And as good consumers, we fell for a lot of services: massages, concerts, restaurants… and above all a beer bath in Prague.
Already, I like the concept. Beer is very good for the hair and the skin. There are even food supplements such as brewer’s yeast, beer-based cosmetic brands… to strengthen the hair, nails and make the skin soft. So a beer bath, yes yes!
After having made an online benchmark, we opt for the Beer Spa. Reservation and payment must be made online. We choose ONE TUB (for two people max), for a duration of one hour.

Once we arrive, we are welcomed by a lady who shows us around. We have the whole place to ourselves for one hour. The bathtub is already filled with hot water. The lady shows us a kind of mixture of powders: aromatic herbs, brewer’s yeast and whatever else and she pours everything into the bathtub + a little beer.
Ahhh, so we don’t actually bathe in beer, phew! It would have been too sticky and above all we would have had that sweet smell of homeless on us.
On the other hand, we have two kegs of beer next to the bath, which can be served at will. On that, the lady leaves us, and the bath starts to bubble like a jacuzzi for 20 minutes.
The bath looks small in the picture but the size is OK for two, there are two places to sit. Since the place is privatized, you can come with a bathing suit… or not.

After 20 minutes, the skin becomes very soft. You can smell the aromatic herbs. We also have a private shower but the lady advises us not to shower 2 hours after the bath.
We then rest on the straw bed next to the fake fireplace, while eating bread with beer provided. Well, the bread isn’t great, but the experience is super relaxing and pleasant!
After 60 minutes, a timer wakes us up and we have 5 minutes to get dressed and leave. Finally, one hour is more than enough in fact.
And the skin remained soft like that for 3 days. It’s an experience I highly recommend, especially when it’s a bit cool in Prague.

Practical advice

Address: Beer Spa, Rybná 3, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha-Praha 1, Czech Republic
Online payment: 100€ for a tub, 2 persons, 1 hour
Everything is provided on site: sheets, towels, slippers, etc

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