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[The Return] Health check after the World Tour

Just after our return to Paris last May, we took our phones to call our doctors, osteopaths, dentists, chiropodists, … for a big check-up.

Blood analysis

One of our relatives, who is a doctor / naturopath, was kind enough to write us a prescription for a blood test without having to go through the general practitioner appointment box.
So we went to the nearest lab with 2 A4 pages of things to analyze. The doctor there thought that we were at the end of life lol and asked us the why of the how of such a big check-up. He took several tubes of blood from me, it’s unbelievable! I didn’t think I would have so much blood in my veins 😀 hey
And then, surprise: we discover that not only are we still entitled to social security, but also JB – who was officially still on sabbatical – still has his health insurance. So I paid 29€ and JB 0€.

Results of the blood test

A week later we can log on to an online platform to download 4 A4 pages each to send to our dear doctor/naturopath – and a doctor friend. And get their opinion.
The return is more than positive! JB did a blood test 2 years ago and the results were not as good. It should also be said that he lost 15kg thanks to the round-the-world trip so he is obviously much better now.
And I did an analysis 7 years ago and at the time I was accused of eating too much sugar. But now… everything is fine!
From what I understood, one could have expected that my red blood cells wouldn’t be that top-notch – but apparently our little stay in high altitude in Bolivia and Peru boosted them to the max. We seriously consider to make a small cure in the mountain from time to time – in summer eh – let’s not exaggerate!
I was expecting some deficiencies here and there … but clear.

Dentist appointment

Our dentist practically kicked us out of her office because, according to her, there was nothing to be done. The “mineral water” diet for a year is apparently the secret. No limescale, no tartar, no need to see the dentist! As a result, people continue to drink mineral water even in countries where tap water is drinkable.

Appointment with the osteopath

Unfortunately, my osteopath continues to find things to fix at home, but she has known me for 3 years and finds me much less blocked than before.
=> that’s also my excuse to get a regular massage when I travel hehehe

Appointment with the chiropodist

JB needs to put his feet back in place once a year. Little fault, he prepared his orthopedic insole well before the appointment and forgot to take it when he left… As a result, the podiatrist was unable to analyze the pressure exerted on the sole.
So we are relieved to know that all is well. During the round-the-world trip, we never went without food to save money. There were a few attempts, especially in Brazil where JB found that we could eat cheaper (and less well). There were a few failures, especially the first night before Kruger Park where we had to drink sugar water for dinner.
But the rest of the time, we always tried to eat our fill. I think it’s important!
Why am I talking about it? In fact, a long time ago I came across a post where a girl was shyly asking if other travelers had experienced a period ofanorexia during the trip. And to my surprise, many (both girls and boys) confirmed that the trip made them so excited that they could be put off and forget to eat. Or maybe they didn’t like the local food at all and ended up eating less and then not eating at all. I personally know someone who had serious consequences a few months after his long trip – due to deficiencies/anemia.
So if you are going on a trip, take care of yourself, eating is also a pleasure and a great way to discover a country.

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