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Siem Reap (Cambodia): continuation and end of our stay in Cambodia

To read our first impressions of Siem Reap, it’s this way!First of all, we wish you a happy new year 2018, may it bring you a lot of happiness, joy and success !!!We have chosen to spend the last weeks of 2017 in Siem Reap. After visiting the Angkor temples for almost three days in a row, we got back to work, especially me who has a project to finish by December 31.We took advantage of having the scooter to visit the Lotus Farm by Samatoa, a place where you can discover the production of an exceptional fabric made from lotus fiber.This small expedition allowed us to get out of the very touristic center of Siem Reap and see some greenery.Luckily we had good fuel because we have to free up some free time to welcome a fellow member of JB who came to spend 2 weeks in Cambodia. It is with him that we made 3 other days of visit to the temples of Angkor (more or less far from Siem Reap).3 wonderful but tiring days of sightseeing, which always end with a little nap before a delicious dinner, followed inevitably by a cheap massage next to the Old Market.It is with this fine gourmet that we tasted the excellent pepper dishes at Genevieve’s (always full in the evening), the delicious Christmas meal with the inventive cuisine at Philippe’s Bistrot.His stay in Siem Reap ends with this incredible view we have from West Mebon, on a hammock by the water.During our stay in Siem Reap, we befriended Kigo, who lives in the hotel. She was adopted by the hotel manager, who saw her sleeping under his car every day.She comes to say hello to us, all happy, every time we go out or come back to the hotel. We will miss her a lot when we leave Siem Reap.We were also able to talk with Cambodians who were not afraid to tell us about the political situation in the country, and how corruption is present at all levels. In spite of this, they remain positive and are very happy that European and Asian tourists continue to come to Siem Reap, even if it isn’t enough to compensate for the loss of American tourists – because of the diplomatic problems between the two countries.We also came across a retired French couple who are helping a group of 18 children buy a plot of land and build their house.In short, what an enriching meeting for this end of year, once again, extraordinary. We are so lucky to live such an adventure and are so grateful to the people who helped us to realize our digital nomad project. Thank you for following us on a regular basis!An incredible new year awaits us, with even more adventure and travel. Stay tuned!

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