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Internet connection in Luang Prabang (Laos): Travel Guide for digital nomads

We were told about the Internet connection in Laos as “non-existent”, “close to Mbps”. What about it really?

3G/4G is correct

I bought a SIM card from Unitel (see my article on how and where to buy it here), the best telephone network in the country (thanks to a partnership with Vietnamese telecom networks). I did a speed test and here are the results:

With this speed, I can make conf calls (with pixelized video) without any worries. So, I could work while sharing my 3G with my computer in a dream setting:

However, I don’t receive 4G, only 3G.
But the Unitel network is really great because even at the top of the Kuang Si waterfall, I was able to set up without any problem 😀
There is an antenna not far from Wat Sene in Luang Prabang. For a top 3G connection, you can get closer to the place.

wifi isn’t fast

I tested several Wifi connections in the city and the results aren’t as good as 3G.
Here is the connection speed measured at my hotel Peninsula Villas.

And here is the speed at @phonheuang cafe

and on the terrace of this hotel, I can’t even run a speedtest


It is quite to work from Luang Prabang using a 3G connection. However, do not expect crazy speed. And you will have to pay about 20€/month for 30GB/month or 30€/month to use the 3G unlimitedly.

coworking area

I haven’t seen any. But in Luang Prabang, there are a lot of cafes overlooking the Mekong River, and the guesthouses all have a balcony like this accessible to all, with tables. Equipped with your 3G connection, you should be able to work anywhere.
Luang Prabang is a nice little town, but I would die of boredom if I stayed there for a month. I sincerely think that 2 weeks is enough.

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