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How to get VAT Refund in Thailand: Tax Refund in Thailand

As soon as you buy something over 2000 baht in Thailand, you can ask for a VAT refund. The VAT refund (around 4.5%) will be done in cash at the airport. It’s very easy, just follow the instructions below.

First step

When you buy more than 2000 baht in the same store, ask for a Tax Invoice. To do this, simply give your passport at the checkout, you will receive a yellow sheet and the original invoice stapled on top.You can see that the VAT is 6.5% (361 baht) of the purchase amount (5530 baht), but I will only be refunded 250 baht (because the state still takes a small part). Fill in your personal data (name, first name, date of departure from Thailand) if we have not yet filled it in for you.

2nd step

Within 60 days of purchase, you must leave Thailand or you will not be refunded the VAT. Come a little earlier to the airport. Do not check in your luggage! First find the customs office.An agent will ask you to take out all the items concerned by the VAT refund, so open your suitcase, show them to him, and in exchange you will receive a nice stamp on your yellow form.Warning: this stamp is only obtained BEFORE immigration, and BEFORE registration (so that you can show them your items). Without this stamp, your yellow form has no value.The stamp in question is circled in red on the photo

3rd step

Check in your luggage and go through immigration as usual. Within the international zone, locate the VAT refund office. It can be crowded, like this, or empty (depending on the airport)

4th step

you simply show the stamped yellow form and you will receive the amount of VAT due to you in cash.

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