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    Prepaid 4G SIM card in Montenegro: Cost, Speedtest (2021)

    WARNING: Montenegro is a European country, you can go there without a visa, you use the Euro. BUT, Montenegro isn’t part of the European Union and you can’t benefit from free EU roaming. Remember to deactivate the data, otherwise you will pay a lot. As an illustration, 1 MB of internet costs 9,7 € with Free… So when I arrived in Montenegro, I used my international Drimsim SIM card the time to buy a local SIM card. While Anh used her Holafly card. Buy a SIM card at the airport Having arrived in Montenegro by land (from Croatia), I did not have the opportunity to see if it was possible…

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    [Story time] How I almost slept outside in Sweden in 2009

    In 2009, while I am just starting my professional career, Anh is in a gap year in Norway in Oslo. I went there the previous summer and this March we decide to meet fora weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. At that time I was not yet the globetrotter I had become. My travels abroad can be counted on the fingers of one hand and this is barely the third time I have taken a plane. The trip from Paris to Stockholm goes without a hitch. At the airport, I have to take a shuttle to the central station. I call Anh who has just arrived at the station with my French…

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    [Story time] How I almost slept outside in England in 2003

    The title is slightly exaggerated but it allows me to make a wink at this other story time in Sweden. Here is a short review of an anecdote fromone of my very first trips abroad in 2003. For the little story within the little story: two years later I told this anecdote in my French baccalaureate dissertation and I got 17/20 🙂 A bit of background: it’s July 2003, my parents offer me a 3-week language stay in Folkestone in the south of England. I am 15 years old and this is one of my very first trips abroad. So far I have proudly crossed the Belgian border for a…

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    Coupon code / Airbnb Referral: up to 50€ discount

    Airbnb is our preferred accommodation option when we are in expensive cities like Singapore, New York or Tokyo. Airbnb does not offer any coupon codes but there is an offer for godparents & godchildren. Click here to become a sponsor and get up to 50€ discount You will have up to 40€ discount for your first accommodation 10€ discount for the 1st experience (>40€) that you book with Airbnb

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    How do I send mail from the Vatican Post Office?

    With the advent of e-mail, instant messaging, social networks, … It is increasingly rare to receive and send mail to relatives. The last time I received non-administrative mail, I think it was a wedding announcement. If you’re visiting Rome, here’s a cheap and original idea of surprise you can do for your relatives: send them a mail from the Vatican Post Office. The smallest state in the world has its own postal service The Vatican has three post offices: The first one is in the Vatican Museum The other two on St. Peter’s Square You won’t be able to miss the one on the right as you exit St. Peter’s…

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    Metro, bus, streetcar and train in Rome: how to buy Atac tickets with your phone?

    Staying a month and a half in Rome, we looked for the best option for our public transport tickets. In Rome, public transportation is managed by the company ATAC. The pricing is quite simple, there are 5 possibilities. Offer Awards To know Unit ticket (BIT) 1,50 € Valid for 100 minutes. Connections are possible but it isn’t possible to get out and then re-enter the subway. Day ticket 7 € Unlimited travel, valid until midnight on the day of first use. 48h ticket 12,50 € Unlimited travel, valid until midnight the day after first use. 72-hour ticket 18 € Unlimited travel, valid until midnight the day after the first use.…

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    What is the best scooter service in Rome (with coupon code)? Lime, Bird, Helbiz, Wind, Dott

    If you want to use a coupon code to discover a scooter service in Rome. You can use the following codes. Lime: RGJ7A14 Dott : F78KTEH Bird : KUL06A Helbiz : 1ZKDU4 Rome is discovering electric scooter services. They have been used until now but they are becoming more and more popular in the Covid context. 5 operators compete for the market: Lime, Bird, Helbiz, Wind and Dott. Here are some elements to compare them. The quality of the scooters The robustness of the scooters is a very important element for safety. Perhaps even more so in Rome which has many paved roads. It is therefore essential to have a…

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    Prepaid 4G SIM card in Italy: How much does it cost? Where to buy it?

    Contrary to France, which is used to cell phone subscriptions, the Italians have more of a culture of prepaid SIM cards. As a tourist, you won’t have any difficulty to get one. First of all, you should know that Italy being a European Union country, if you have a French phone plan, you can use it at no extra cost. You can therefore : Use your usual subscription. Buy a prepaid SIM card in France (like Lebara for example) before you leave. When you arrive in Italy, you will receive an SMS confirming that you can use your SIM card normally.The only small inconvenience is that you will not have…

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    Take advantage of Shareholder Club Benefits for Exceptional Visits

    If you want to buy shares, don’t go through a traditional bank which will charge you a lot of fees. I advise you to go through Boursorama, which I mentioned in this article. I have already touched on the subject in this article: as self-employed people, we assume that we have to rely only on ourselves for our retirement. If we are entitled to a small pension, it will be a bonus. Among other investments, we therefore invest part of our savings by becoming a shareholder in listed companies. This is riskier than an A passbook, but in the long term, it is likely to be much more successful. It…

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    Apple Sidecar: your iPad as a second screen on your Macbook

    Being nomadic means having to limit your computer equipment. No more big external screen associated with the Macbook! As a result, I was super happy when Apple announced the release of Sidecar with the Catalina macOS update in October 2019. Sidecar is a feature that allows you touse an iPad as a secondary screen of a Macbook. It’s very simple and it works: Either wireless through the Wifi network Either with a cable lightning (Amazon link) When I tested this feature at the time of its release, it was unfortunately not a great success. I was in Central America with low performance Wifi connections, so there was a latency time…