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Around the World: where to start?

The preparation of the round-the-world tour starts quite early (about 1 year before the departure date). This allows you to put money aside, but also to mature your project and make the necessary arrangements for the post-round-the-world tour. As for the purchase of tickets & hotel reservations, we did it only 3 months before the departure.

In short, the two most important elements are: money & itinerary.

When we made the decision to go around the world, all our daily habits were changed:

No more compulsive buying

To do this, I self-subscribed to the newsletters of the shopping sites. My main bank account contains only a minimum amount for my daily purchases, the rest is stored in savings accounts. The goal being to be able to put aside between 12 000€ (ultra tight budget for a trip around the world) and 30 000€ (super comfortable).

No more accumulation of objects

At work, we regularly get small gifts (mugs, pens, mini-speakers). I don’t take them anymore unless it’s necessary for the trip around the world (portable refill for example). On the contrary, I get rid of everything.

Traveling light

All trips (be it a weekend or a week) made before the round-the-world tour are tests to build the perfect bag for the round-the-world tour. So I took the opportunity to test different clothes, different textiles, different bags, to test my weight limit, to lighten my toilet bag etc. It also allows me to realize that very little is needed. Cf. all our articles and tests of products for light travel.

Define the itinerary

We talk about our project to our friends, colleagues, who help us to define the itinerary, to find the good plans. We watch travel programs, follow the Instagram accounts of travelers… We favor destinations at the end of the world, whose name evokes travel, where we probably won’t have the opportunity to visit during our 2 weeks of summer vacations, or countries that have just opened like Burma or Cuba. We are preparing an Excel file (downloadable here) to calculate the cost of living in each destination before establishing our itinerary.

Preparing for the after-world tour

Sabbatical leave, leave without pay or resignation? the choice is yours. Do you plan to sublet your apartment? or return it? What will you do with your stuff? Your cat/dog? These are the questions to ask yourself before you leave. This will also allow you to prepare the necessary money for your return.

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