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Quad ride in Essaouira (Morocco) with Palma Quad

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While walking to the medina of Essaouira, we passed by chance in front of Palma Quad which offers quad biking trips

We made a first one-hour walk on January 1st with Aurélien. We liked it so much that we decided, two weeks later, to go out again. And this time, we took a 3 hours outing 🙂

What are Palma Quad’s rates?

The rates are as follows. They include all the equipment, water, chocolate bars and the (beautiful) pictures that the instructor will take during the outing.

For our first outing of one hour, we chose to take a 125cc quad, that seems to me largely sufficient given that we remain on the flat of the beach.

From 2 hours of exit, you will climb the sand dunes, it is undoubtedly useful to take a more powerful quad. For our part we have price a double quad of 550 cc.

How does an outing take place?

You start by equipping yourself. Everything is included in the price: helmet, jacket, scarf, under-gloves and gloves.

It is appreciable to note that the equipment is impeccably maintained (it smells good too) and the hygiene is irreproachable. Everything is washed after each use. A real proof of seriousness from Palma Quad.

Once equipped, a short safety briefing and explanation of how the quad works. Since the quads are automatic, the operation is very simple and the briefing is quick.

After the briefing, your instructor comes to pick you up, it’s time to get on the quads. The instructor verifies that you are able to accelerate, brake and turn, and off you go!

The first minutes are spent on the road, the time to arrive on the beach. We start by doing “eights” to tame the vehicle.

After a few minutes, once the monitor considers that the control is sufficient, he comes to unbridle the quad to be able to send a little more power.

During the whole ride, the instructor is in the lead and one must follow his track to avoid possible invisible obstacles. Palma Quad is all about safety, we are here to ride, not to do a speed race. It suits us perfectly in our case but it isn’t necessarily adapted to those who look for adrenalin

On our two outings, our maximum speed peak was 60 km / h. This is largely the maximum, we were generally more around 40 km / h on the beach. Much less obviously in the dunes

During the one-hour outing, we take a little break for a drink and a snack. For the three hour outing, we took two breaks.

During the whole outing, the monitor takes pictures of us regularly. It’s really ideal because we can enjoy it without worrying about it. The photos are sent to us by e-mail or are recoverable immediately if you have a USB key.

The one-hour outing

The one-hour outing is ideal for beginners who want to discover quad biking. It takes place on the beach, on flat ground, without any technical difficulty

If you opt for the one-hour outing, I strongly encourage you to choose the end of the day (6pm) to enjoy the sunset.

It’s absolutely beautiful!

The farther away from Essaouira, the more deserted the beach is. We found ourselves alone, with some tourists on horseback to admire the sunset while driving our quad. Sublime!

At the end of this first outing, we had only one desire: to start again 🙂

The 3-hour outing

The big difference with the one-hour outing is the variety of surfaces

With this outing, we enjoy the beach, the dunes and some tracks in the forest

If the course on the beach is really quiet, it is exhilarating to descend, skid and climb the sand dunes. Great feeling!

During this outing, we passed in front of a water source on the beach where donkeys come to quench their thirst in peace. We went up to the surfers’ cave, which seems a great spot for the amateurs of gliding.

We made the first outing of the day: departure 9:30 am. Double advantage: it isn’t too hot (and even a little fresh) and we are alone in the world! It is only on the way back that we crossed some other quads


In conclusion, we warmly recommend Palma Quad for a safe outing. The staff is very professional and very friendly.

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