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Prepaid 4G SIM card in Portugal: how much does it cost? Where to buy it? What speed?

Contrary to our habits, we do not buy a SIM card when we arrive in Portugal. As we still have French phone subscriptions, we benefit from free roaming to call and connect to the internet. Cool!

We have nevertheless taken some information to help you if you need it.

Where to buy a SIM card at Lisbon airport?

After picking up your luggage and going through customs, you will find yourself in the airport lobby. Look for the red Vodafone store

Vodafone offers prepaid SIM cards for tourists.

How much does it cost?

In the Vodafone store, for 20 € you get :

  • A SIM card valid for 30 days
  • 5 GB of internet data
  • Local and international communication time (not retained how much)

What internet speed?

Lisbon seems to have a good 4G coverage.

The speed is good without being excellent. The upload is a bit disappointing.

We find ourselves with 29 Mb/s for download and 4 Mb/s for upload

More information

And above all, don’t leave for Lisbon without consulting our guide :

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