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Mood Ticket: Getting Treatment in Canada

You may have noticed my radio silence on the blog since our arrival in Canada. I explained it briefly on Facebook, but I will tell you a little more about it here.

As I go to the dentist at least every year, I ask for the contact information of reputable dentists in the countries I visit, and if the opportunity arises, I go there for a check-up.

Thus, I was able to visit dentists in Thailand and Morocco. In Morocco, a very good dentist-surgeon recommended me to stay somewhere a little longer – because he cannot treat a cavity very close to the nerve. And if this tooth needs to be devitalized, it won’t be done in a month.

That’s how we decided to come back to France, on the one hand to redo our passports, but also to take care of all that before going elsewhere. Bad luck, we discovered the reality of medical deserts (we were in a lost village in Normandy), we came across the only available, but very incompetent, dentist in the region.

At the time, I had doubts about her competence, but I had no choice, so I let her treat me.

For 3 weeks after his treatment, I had more pain than before. I could no longer drink water that was too hot/cold – without it going straight to my brain.

JB and I decided to seek treatment in Canada. Karen from the kalokali blog, met by chance in Laos, recommended her dentist in Montreal. Luckily, I got an appointment with her the next day for an emergency.

We do the X-ray, the dentist isn’t happy at all, and confirms everything the Moroccan dentist had told me, but on an even more serious scale.

Basically, all the dental work done for years in France (with two different Parisian dentists!) was super badly done.

Small calculation in my head: minimum $4000 for all this – and travel insurance will only cover me up to $666

Either the price of a round-the-world ticket…

More than the exorbitant cost of care, it is above all the guilt that invades me and depresses me the most.

The guilt of having dragged so much to take care of me (between Morocco and France, I could have found a dentist in Lisbon). To be honest, without the radio, I wouldn’t have known I had other problems. I had small genes of nothing at all, hence my procrastination.

The guilt of having continued to trust my French dentists, while I still had a doubt (a few details that trouble me), about their competence.

For several weeks now, my main activity has been to take care of myself, to understand why and how I have always been dealing with the same problems in the same places. As a result, I read a lot of books and became interested in other forms of holistic care. I will tell you about them in other articles.

The good news in all this is the extreme kindness of the medical team at my dentist‘s office, which makes the experience much more bearable. For example, she’s on the clock all the time, already. In addition, for any treatment that hurts a little, I am directly entitled to a local anesthetic. And before she gets an injection, there’s even an anesthetic paste on the spot where she has to be pricked. But I will talk more about my visits to the dentist later, for those who are interested.

In short, I’m much better now, I still have to stay in Montreal until the end of June for the various treatments – not physically painful, but psychologically. As I told you before, in every country, I receive a life lesson, and in Canada, I learned that I had to listen to myself more, listen to my intuitions, and put my health above all else.

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