Test & Reviews of the Nintendo Switch JAVONTEC Dock

As a digital nomad, I’m always traveling with my life in a suitcase. The discovery of the Nintendo Switch allowed me to own a game console again.

There was only one problem: the original dock for connecting the console to a TV was far too bulky to carry it everywhere with me.

I found a perfect alternative, the JAVONTEC dock purchased from Amazon.

  • It weighs 80 grams, 5 times less than the original dock
  • It is tiny and fits easily in a carrying case for Nintendo Switch.
  • It has a USB 3.0 port to charge a device.
  • Bonus: it is compatible with a Mac if you need to recharge it or display it on screen.
  • It does not brick the console (tested on version 8.0)

Small drawback to know though: to work, the dock must absolutely be connected to the mains via the adapter. I think this is the case for all docks.

As you can see on the picture, the JAVONTEC dock (on the left) is much less bulky than the official dock (on the right) šŸ™‚

As you can see, this alternative dock does the job perfectly and I separated from the original official dock.

You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

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