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Van rental in Iceland in summer at Kuku Campers: Return of Experience

We are fortunate to have feedback (and photos) from Marie (thank you very much!), who has just spent 2 weeks in Iceland in August 2019.

Discover her Instagram here for pictures of Iceland (and elsewhere because she travels a lot too). I take this opportunity to share her experience with you.

Kuku Campers

Marie opted for a Kuku campers, booked months in advance on their official website (before the bankruptcy of Wow air) for 1800€, 13 days (insurances included, 2nd authorized driver). Pssst, here we have explained why you should choose an insurance policy

As she was approaching her trip, she realized that fares were falling on their website, and contacted them. The agency offered her a discount, reducing her rental to only 1500€

Here is the inside of the car (notice the curtains to block the light, very important to be able to sleep when we travel in Iceland in summer).

rear space with retractable table for cooking

With this car, one cannot obviously take F roads, which are open in summer, but in 2 weeks, one has hardly time to go around Iceland (Ring Road + some scenic roads), so the hiring of a real 4×4 isn’t essential either.


sleeping space

Unlike standard vans in Australia or New Zealand, there is no second battery, no fridge and no lights. This means that telephones and other devices have to be charged while driving.

The explanation is simple: it is cold in Iceland all year round, there is no need for a fridge. And in summer, in Iceland, sometimes it isn’t even dark, so there is no need for artificial light.

There is also no space dedicated to suitcases/rucksacks. The belongings are kept in the back during the day, and stored on the chairs at night. It is best that you come with backpacks.

If you ever have too much unnecessary luggage (if you are on a stopover in Iceland and have taken business to the USA for example) do not hesitate to ask to leave your excess luggage at the car rental company.

Ventilation at night isn’t a problem. The weather was nice during the 2 weeks of travel (August 2019), sleeping inside the van was not a problem.


Following the bankruptcy of Wow air, there are fewer tourists and the places at the campsite are less crowded.

However, the comfort remains spartan in the campsites.

For a better comfort, you should always count on the hot shower at the municipal swimming pool or in one of the many spas in the country.


The picnic tables are numerous in Iceland, you can settle down without worry, with your kitchen kit, to cook. The dishes can be done in the campsites.

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