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What about Security in Nicaragua in 2020? Dangerous country for tourists ?

Before setting foot in Central America, we asked ourselves this question and asked questions to the French expats living there.

In Nicaragua, we were able to contact Lauriane, who is currently there, and who told us that the country was totally safe for tourists (safer even than Costa Rica).

The demonstrations and roadblocks observed in 2018 no longer exist.

Even on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the whole country is in yellow, no zone is in orange or red, which is a very good sign.

This is just the time to take advantage of it and have all the tourist sites for you alone. Moreover, Nicaragua is one of the cheapest destinations in the zone.

We have also just spent a month (November 2019) in Nicaragua and I confirm that tourists have nothing to fear here. Of course, we must continue to be careful with our business, like everywhere else in the world.

To have more information about this country(itinerary, contact details, good maps, best addresses), read the excellent interview Lauriane gave us.

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