Mah Card: how to use a credit card in Iran? Review + Promo Code

If you want a coupon code to buy a Mah Card and get a discount on the cost of the card, you can use the code TOURDUMONDE

Having not (yet) had the chance to go to Iran, I am writing this article on the advice of a friend who has been there and who warmly recommended the Mah Card which can be of great service to travelers in Iran.

Can you use your own credit card in Iran?

The answer is no.

Iran has been under a severe American embargo for several years. As a consequence, the Iranian banking system isn’t connected to the international system and foreign bank cards are unusable, both to pay and to withdraw money.

Until recently, the only solution was to arrive in Iran with a cash amount corresponding to the needs for the whole stay and to exchange in an exchange office

It is obviously not ideal to travel with large amounts of cash on you. This is where Mah Card brings a very interesting solution.

What is a Mah Card?

A Mah Card is an Iranian prepaid debit card designed for international tourists. So it will work in Iran 🙂

The principle is very simple: you collect a payment card that you will feed and then use it as a classic card.

How much does a Mah Card cost?

The Mah Card costs 19€ including shipping. There are no monthly fees or charges for payments or withdrawals.

You can get a discount by using the promo code TOURDUMONDE (at the end of the registration process).

How do I apply for a Mah Card?

Create an account on the Mah Card website and apply for a card.

A certain amount of information will be requested from you:

  • Your Identity
  • The dates of your stay
  • The name of your hotel (this is where the card will be issued)
  • A copy of your passport

During the registration process, you can use the promo code TOURDUMONDE to get a discount on the price of the card.

How do I deposit money on a Mah Card?

To power your Mah Card, you have two solutions:

  • Hand over cash when the Mah Card representative delivers your card. This option is only available in Tehran.
  • Make an online card payment, in which case Mah Card charges a 7% fee.

Accepted currencies are Euro, USD, AUD and GBP.

The card can receive a maximum of 400 million IRR, i.e. about 4,000€.

The exchange rate practiced by Mah Card is much better than those you will find in the exchange offices on site.

The process is very fast and takes 3 days maximum.

What should I do if I lose my Mah Card?

In case of loss or theft of the card, you can report it as lost on your customer area. Mah Card will create a new one and deliver it to the city you are in.

How long does a Mah Card last?

Your Mah Card will work during the validity of your Iranian visa, with a maximum limit of one year. If you return for another stay, you will need to order a new Mah Card

If you want a coupon code to buy a Mah Card and get a discount on the cost of the card, you can use the code TOURDUMONDE.

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