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Relaxed and Local Ambiance near the Milvius Bridge in Rome (Italy) #11

This is a small article to remember the afternoon I spent with Dominique in a very local neighborhood in Rome.

We met in front of the metro, before taking the bus to the Olympic district. The Olympic Games took place in Rome in 1960 precisely. For having visited the Olympic village in Sydney, this one is particularly close to the hyper-centre. There is an Olympic swimming pool not far away, accessible to the common man.

Dominique shows me the column in the middle of the entrance, it is still marked Mussolini on it. Finally… !!

We arrive then from the Milvius Bridge (literally, the soft bridge). The setting is very “the most beautiful village in France”, it is picturesque, quiet, very calm even if there is a huge road right next to it. On the quays, we are fine.

It is the bridge of love. Lovers used to hang padlocks on the lamp post in the middle of the bridge, but it bent under the weight of the padlocks and was removed

I think that when I come back to Rome and the accommodations will be expensive again, I will be able to rent an Airbnb in this area, it will be cheaper, more local and not so far from the city center (we are 30 minutes away by bus).

In the main square, old ladies and old men sit for hours on the terraces of cafes and restaurants to play, chat, eat an ice cream. Typically Italian. It looks like a small village around here

We end the evening with a dinner at Sementi Pizza. It’s very good and cheap (10€ a huge dish). I recommend you!

Thanks to Dominique for these good moments spent together !

The continuation and end of our adventure in Rome, it’sthis way

You will find the addresses & places mentioned in this article on the personalized Google Maps I made with my sister for Italy here.

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