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[The Return] Back to work after a world tour

that’s it! After 11 months of mopping, you have to get back to workat some point.
We decided, after the world tour, to become full time freelance while traveling, it has a name Digital Nomad
My former colleagues are super nice and sent me some docs to catch up on 1 year of changes and novelties – in my job (SEA – Online Advertising), everything changes very quickly. I started my service at the client’s place on Tuesday. The Saturday before, I went back to work (launching a campaign for a friend), just to find my reflexes and “get up to date”. It’s reassuring to realize that you haven’t lost your reflexes, knowledge or passion for your job.
JB and I take advantage of our presence in Paris to work directly with our respective clients. We have a computer, a screen, a badge, new colleagues. It was as if we were back to our old life, with a few exceptions. As nomad workers, we will :

Work 2-3 days/week

This is the great luxury we offered ourselves, given that we chose to live the next few months in more or less poor countries. It changes everything!
JB and I love to test things and learn a lot on the side (new programming languages, new APIs, reading specialized blogs etc.) and I can’t see my clients paying for the time I spend on self-training.
I love creative hobbies, and having 4 days off per week allows me to go back to making jewelry, sewing, knitting … or simply SLEEP 😀
Before, I was unable to separate work and private life, having long hours and being completely absorbed by my job, I have already dreamed about work and optimizing campaigns while I was sleeping(what is the point of sleeping in this case, I ask you!). Now I realize that the Zen spirit of the round-the-world trip has helped me a lot to think about other things as soon as I finish my workday, and to react differently to stressful situations.

Working at a distance

Going to work reminded me how much I hated having to take public transportation to work. I took an Uber on the 2nd day LOL:D when I was able to stay on a bus for 27 hours in Argentina.
It will stop as soon as we go back on the mop. What a relief! Because doing 40 minutes *2 a day without being able to sit down is still tiring. And what a waste of time!
However, going back to work after 11 months of mops is still very hard, even if you don’t work full time. The first week, I came home exhausted, unable to cook my own food. The second week was better, but I was still very slow. However, by the third week, I was back to my previous pace and found energy to cook after work.
That’s it, it was a small article to keep you up to date. We bought our plane tickets to Poland. Our Airbnb in Krakow is too nice, maybe we’ll make a video to show it to you. See you soon!

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