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How do nomad workers make a living?

Even if the phenomenon remains marginal, nomad workers are much more numerous than you might think

Here are some examples of nomad workers who inspired us

  1. Jonathan is a jeweler. He is currently traveling in North America with an old (city) bus and a minivan. Extremely gifted, he has done everything himself: from car interiors to the making of certain tools related to jewelry making. Jonathan sells his jewelry on Etsy :
  2. Ariane is a model and works in duo with a photographer. Together, they travel the world and sell their photos on istock. Her photos are selling really well: http: //
  3. Tim Ferris is famous for his book “The 4-hour workweek” in which he explains how to work remotely 4h/week while earning a lot of money. Tim outsources absolutely everything, just by reading his emails!
  4. Benny Lewis is a polyglote and earns money with his book “Fluent in 3 months” as well as his foreign language learning assistance program.
  5. Paul and Stanislas are digital nomads (and French). Paul earns his living thanks to Amazon FBA and Stanislas offers to manage Facebook Ads campaigns. They share their experiences via their podcasts: http: //
  6. Rachael McKenna travels the world in her mini-van with her husband and baby. As a photographer, Rachael loves to take pictures of cats, dogs and babies. Her 16 books have sold more than 3 million copies: http: //
  7. Jean Rivière is probably one of the French pioneers of digital nomadism. One can criticize his way of earning a living but he has a real philosophy and his great experience makes his many advices precious.

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Did you know that? The site rates each of the (big) cities around the world according to the criteria of nomad workers (Internet, clean air, cost of living, etc.)

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