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Some DIY projects for your world tour

DIY (do-it-yourself) is one of my great passions. It is naturally to DIY that I turn to when I can’t find what I want for the world tour; or when the things I want to buy are too expensive. Here are some projects for you if DIY is also your passion.

Passport cover scarf

IMG_5070 (2)

When I first saw her here, I thought I needed one. But the price ($55) discouraged me a bit.
I preferred to do it myself for 5€. If the result isn’t perfect inside, the outside is impeccable and that’s what counts. The tutorial for the scarf is available here.


I loved strolling on the heavenly beaches with my maxi-skirt. Mine was made with 100% cotton fabric (10€ per 3m at Les Coupons de Saint-Pierre), following the pattern here. For those who are afraid of the invisible closure, the other alternative is to make the belt and slip a ribbon – or an elastic band.


You can also create yourself a maxi-dress 100% linen, for 15€ of fabric in 3h.

The objective is to have a maxi dress for countries where it is necessary to cover as much as possible. The pattern is inspired by a DIY blog that I like a lot: Cotton and Curls (just add length to your pattern). The blogger offers a lot of nice and very simple patterns.

Silver ring


I am so afraid that my wedding ring will be stolen that it has stayed in France. I only bring with me a simple handmade ring to make it clear that I am married. It’s still special because I made it myself. In 3 hours of class, you can make a ring like mine at Iris Noir (Levallois-Perret).

Urban Survival Mini-kit


I must admit that I had a lot of fun preparing this mini-kit, and in such a nice box. You will find a complete article about mini-kits on my blog. The goal of the mini-kits is to be able to walk around the city without being loaded while being fully equipped. These are things that I often regret not having on me, even when I’m in Paris. Small inconveniences often happen and a small box is enough to solve these problems: a small boo-boo, a splinter, a broken nail? The kit fits in a trouser pocket and contains other essential items (USB key, medical data, passport copies…)

Other project ideas

Cloud cushion


I confess to having copied . These cloud cushions are very comfortable during the trip (to wedge between the seat and the back). They are used as pillow too. However, considering the size, it was useful during my short trips but will not have its place for the trip around the world. You can buy one at Zü for 43€ (there are two sizes).

Night Mask


Ideal for your trips by train/plane/bus. This one is particularly cute. Tuto available on the Shelterness website


Thai pants


Girl’s version tuto here (Thai wrap pant) – paying pattern here. And mixed version here (Thai fishman pant). These pants are very simple to make and wear.

At worst, you can always buy it in Thailand for less than 4$.

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