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My Fav massages, facials thermal baths, hammam and cosmetic stores in Seville (Spain)

Having been a stress of life, I have gotten into the habit, since I have a salary, of going regularly to an institute to relax: massage, sauna, hamma, facial care… I love it! Now that stress is no longer a permanent state for me, I still continue to be pampered, even when I’m travelling around the world

In general, I’m used to going to institutes run by Asians: the prices are softer, and the massages are often more energetic and more precise (the acupuncture points all that, it’s no joke). However, the Asian population in Seville is close to nothing, so we’ll go to the local institutes instead. I warn you: the prices are slightly cheaper than in France, but it remains a small budget

Thermal baths and Hammam at Aire de sevilla

There are two known addresses for thermal baths in Seville, Aire de Sevilla (very well rated) and Termas de Hispalis (mixed reviews). So we chose to go twice to Aire de Sevilla

Area of Sevilla
Calle Aire, 15, 41004 Sevilla
From 34€/person
Possibility to book and pay the entrance fee on their official website
Credit card accepted

The basic formula (thermal baths + hammam, without massage) costs 34€ from Monday to Thursday and 37€/person from Friday to Sunday. One is entitled to 2 hours on site, which is more than enough

There are several spaces: a giant jacuzzi where you can lie down while the water jets massage your whole body. Then, we reach a large swimming pool which communicates with two other pools (one at 40°C++, and the other at 18°C). On the other side, we can enjoy a hyper hot hammam and in the basement, a basin saturated with salt, where we float like at the Dead Sea

From time to time, beauticians come to pick up people who are entitled to a massage. Every hour, they ring a bell to indicate the time

It’s all very good for my skin. Plus, the locker rooms and showers are great. As of the entry, one allots us a locker (with code), one gives us a bathrobe and slippers (which one must keep all the time with us not to slip and break a leg like a loser). We are entitled to hot or cold teas at will

What’s a pity is that there is no exfoliation service, no sauna, and the pool on the rooftop is reserved only for those who have booked a massage of 45 minutes or more

But I recommend 100% for the price, the cleanliness of the place and their opening hours (until late in the evening)

massage and facial care

I had a lot of trouble finding an institute not too far from my airbnb that isn’t a laser/botox specialist. While doing a lot of research, I finally came across Athanae

Athanae Centro de Masaje Estética y Bienestar
Calle Juzgado, 2, 41003 Sevilla
+34 954 41 49 27

53€ the one hour body massage
25€ for 30mn facial reflexology
Credit card accepted

The lady is all alone, that’s why we have to book two massages(Masaje de cuerpo entero) one after the other, followed by a facial for me

If JB didn’t like his massage, it’s because he didn’t dare ask the esthetician to press harder. At the beginning of the massage, she gave me a super soft massage (like with JB), but when I asked for it to be harder(más fuerte), it was perfect

Facials are called Cuidados Faciales in Spanish. I chose a facial reflexology treatment, which relaxes the features and allows a better elimination of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system

There is no mirror at the reception desk so I couldn’t see my face after the treatment. On the way back, on foot, several people turned around to follow me with their eyes. I said to myself “ohlala, it’s probably because of the massage oil that still shines on my face”. But on the way home, I looked in the mirror just to discover that my skin was simply radiant, fresh, my features relaxed, a little pink to the cheekbones thanks to better blood circulation. In short, too hot

I hurried to make an appointment for a 1h30 session of facial limpieza (facial cleansing) and lymphatic massage (53€ in total), but these treatments don’t suit me so well because it uses natural products and my skin doesn’t really like raw products

In short I recommend the eyes closed for body massage and facial reflexology, BUT BUT the lady only speaks Spanish. It is necessary to understand a minimum, just to make an appointment

Bien y bio: organic cosmetics store

You may know my love for the Dr. Hauschka brand. I needed a product of this brand but no reseller is listed in Spain on their official website. After entering all the organic stores in the city of Seville, I found by chance the Bien y Bio store, run by a French expatriate, a former French teacher

Property and Bio
Calle Regina, 18, 41003 Sevilla
Organic cosmetics store (Dr. Hauschka, Cattier, Weleda…)

It is important to know that in the South of Spain, there are no big organic stores / organic chains as in France. And it is even rarer to find a store full of organic cosmetics like this one – which also sells Dr. Hauschka products

The welcome is very warm, not because I speak French eh, but because she is like that with everyone. The prices are the same or cheaper than in France

Planet Skin: Korean cosmetics store

If you love Korean products and have always dreamed of testing the shade 21 of Missha’s famous BB on your hand, your dream will come true in this store just opened in Seville (and Madrid)

Planet Skin
Calle Sierpes 68, 41004, Sevilla
+34 95 512 48 98

They sell famous brands such as Missha, Mediheal, TonyMoly, A’Pieu, Skin79… the prices are more expensive than in Korea and France, but at least you can test the products at will

The other stores

El Corte Inglés is a well known department store in Spain, they sell everything. It’s a kind of Galeries Lafayette but they also sell accessible brands. There is a parapharmacy where you can find a lot of cool products (ISDIN, Korres…). On the first floor, there is a store of Kielh’s, Mac..

In the neighborhood, there are stores of Kiko, NYX, La Chinata (olive oil products). If you are looking for soaps, go to La Jaboteca, soaps are sold there by kg

In the Mercadona supermarkets you will also find the Deliplus brand which is quality, cheap and efficient thermal waters, konjac sponges…. and all kinds of cheap products

At Sephora, I found the brand Origins, some products from Pixi (a London-based brand). To buy the same products as the parapharmacy but for less, go to Primor, and the equivalent of Sephora in less expensive is Douglas

To buy useless gifts or trinkets, go to Ale-hop or Natura

In short, if you want to go shopping, you’re going to love the street (Calle) Velázquez and the whole neighborhood around it



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