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Around the world: Products for travelling green

If you like natural or recyclable products, here are some ideas for your world tour:

Natural mosquito repellent: lemongrass essential oil

Very effective against mosquitoes. Simply apply a few drops on clothing.
On the skin, always dilute the essential oil with a vegetable oil (1ml of lemongrass oil for 10ml of vegetable oil for example). Be well informed about contraindications beforehand.

Anti-headaches/cold: Tiger Balm

I always use Tiger Balm for headaches (application on the temples) or in case of painful periods (direct application on the belly). If I have a cold, I put a little tiger balm on my nose so that I can breathe when I sleep.

Antiseptic, mosquito repellent, insect bites: neem balm

Powerful natural insecticide, repels insects (fleas, spiders), repels mosquitoes, soothes bites and itching, scabies, treatment of eczema, herpes, aches, fatigue. Natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Traditionally called, by Malagasy people: “against 150 diseases”.

Neem balm can be applied directly to the skin to prevent mosquitoes. It can also relieve insect bites. It is also a natural antiseptic and can be applied to wounds. I prefer the concentrated oil balm version. Be prepared for its slightly unpleasant smell, but you get used to it quickly.

Mooncup / washable sanitary napkins / panties during menstruation

These products are suitable for those with medium flow rulers.
For the Mooncup, it must be emptied 2 to 3 times a day, the cleaning is done very easily with (drinking) water. Experience shows that this isn’t the ideal solution if you travel to developing countries. Already to find a nearly clean toilet is difficult. Empty your Mooncup 2 to 3 times a day, good luck!
For washable sanitary towels, prefer the color black to “hide” stains that are difficult to wash out. They are very soft and dry quickly.
As for the Thinx panties, they can only be bought online and you will have to pay customs fees. If you don’t menstruate a lot, this can be a very good solution.

Mechanical scrub: A Japanese exfoliating towel or kessa scrub glove

I bought a Japanese exfoliating towel made of tightly woven cotton for a gentle daily scrub (face and body). It dries very quickly, makes the skin more luminous and is suitable for daily use. It has been replacing cleansing creams for a few months now and is as effective as the latter.

Otherwise, the konjac sponge sold at Sephora also makes it possible to wash the face well. Disadvantages: it cannot be used without cleanser and requires a lot of water to rinse it off.

For a weekly exfoliation, I also recommend the acquisition of a kessa body scrub glove, whose effect is no longer to be proven. I use it in the shower, without the black soap. Be careful, after each exfoliation, remember to moisturize with a moisturizing body cream!

Chemical exfoliant: a tomato

Cut a tomato and rub your face with half a tomato. Leave for about 10 minutes. Caution: sunscreen the next day. Tomato juice also works to make painful pimples disappear.

A real Marseille soap

There are a lot of fake Marseille soaps. Opt for the real one, which is made only of natural and biodegradable ingredients (you can find some in pharmacies). However, in hot countries, real Marseille soap melts.

Mouthwash: Salt water

Mix salt with water for an eco-friendly mouthwash.

Face mask: honey

Honey, honey and honey. Remove after 10 minutes.

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