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Test and review of Washdrop – Dry Cleaning / Laundry at home in Chiang Mai (+ promo code)

Note: this isn’t a sponsored item but our opinion on a service we recommend. If you come for the coupon code, click hereto get 80 bahts discount on your first order.
A luxury that we offer ourselves when we are in Asia: not having to wash our clothes!
Everywhere in Southeast Asia you will find laundry services that will cost you more or less 1€ per kg depending on the country.
In Cambodia we left our dirty linen at the reception of the hotel and we recovered our clean linen the next day, great luxury!
In Chiang Mai there are many laundry services in the city center. As we are (a little) off-center and (very) lazy, we looked for an alternative. Obviously we could have used the washing machine available in the common areas of our condominium but why bother?
This alternative is called Washdrop.
Washdrop is an online service that offers free pick-up and return of your laundry directly to your home.

Washdrop’s rates

Washdrop offers 3 different rates:

  • 50 bahts per kg (about 1,3 €) for a return 48 hours after the withdrawal
  • 70 bahts per kg for a return in 24 hours
  • 100 bahts per kg for an express return in 6 hours

It is a little bit more expensive than the services you will find in town (about 40 baht per kg) but it is the price to pay for the pick up and return home.

The ordering process

The online ordering process is very efficient, there is no need to even create an account!
The first step is to choose the rate you want (Economy / Standard / Express).
Then you choose a time slot for withdrawal and return.

What’s impressive is that you can request a withdrawal for in an hour.
Then estimate the weight of linen you have (the price will then be adjusted according to the actual weight). I imagine that depending on the weight, they define whether they come by scooter or by car.
You can ask for the linen to be ironed (30 baht extra per kg).

Then indicate your contact information (email / phone / address) and specify your payment method.
You can pay :

  • By card, in which case your card will be charged when they pick up and weigh your laundry
  • In cash upon return

Our opinion on Washdrop

Our first experience was very successful.
For the withdrawal, Washdrop was perfectly on time. Since we are in a secure residence, I had specified that they should call me when they were in the lobby of the apartment, which they did. Washdrop specifies that if you are in a hotel or lodging with reception, you can leave your laundry there.
The person had a large cloth bag to hold our laundry. The operation took 30 seconds and she left on a scooter.
For the return of the linen 48 hours later, the person came one hour before the scheduled time. She tried to call me but I was on my scooter. She then sent me a text message to let me know that she had dropped off the laundry at the reception desk. She even sent me a picture to make sure I knew where to pick it up.

The linen arrived perfectly clean and folded in a plastic wrapping.
The service is therefore perfect and we recommend it.
Only one small point to improve: a small email or SMS is missing to indicate that the delivery man is on his way and will arrive soon.

A coupon code

By using this link, you will get 80 bahts discount on your first order, don’t hesitate!

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