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Ticket Belt Review – Eagle Creek Secret Bag

Since I’ve been traveling, I’ve been using an Eagle Creek belt every day and I’m very happy with it.
Here are these interesting features:

  • It has no holes. Thanks to its clip, you can adjust it perfectly to your size. Very practical for the weight variations you will have during your trip šŸ™‚
  • No metal buckle, the clip is made of plastic. The advantage is that you won’t have to remove your belt during security checks at the airport, your belt will not ring when you pass under the security gate.
  • A secret pocket that allows you to hide documents (copy of passport for example) or tickets. In case of a big blow (theft of your luggage for example), you will have enough to survive for a few days.
  • An excellent value for money: this belt only cost me 12 euros and I have been using it daily for 18 months.

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