A few words to our readers

This blog exists, since we start preparing our first world tour. Two years later, this blog is more active than ever and we are in the middle of our round-the-world tour n°2.

Thank you for being so numerous. Some of you have never left comments, mails, or interacted on Facebook/Instagram, but we know you exist (it’s our tracking Analytics system that tells us so).

Originally, this blog is addressed to ourselves, then to our loved ones – a kind of diary to keep memories, in the smallest details, and keep our loved ones informed of what we do.

As the months go by, we begin to receive visits from people who don’t know us at all in real life, until we come across some of you by chance on the other side of the world. It’s really incredible!

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And as the blog is more and more read by Internet users who are totally unknown to us (well, it’s the principle of a website), we would like to clarify a few points (our relatives are aware, but maybe not you):

  1. From time to time, we write guides for a city or a country, when we feel we have something useful to teach you. When an excellent article already exists elsewhere (e.g. driving in New Zealand), we don’t find it necessary to repeat the same thing.
  2. If you think something is wrong, or that prices have changed, please feel free to mention it via the comments or the Contact page. It will surely help other Internet users.
  3. We spend very little time taking pictures. They are taken with a “reportage” purpose, because sometimes, our memory fails us, and we need some pictures to remind us that “this mountain with the snowy top, it was not in Switzerland, it was in Chile”. The photos are taken with our phones (iPhone, Huawei) and are very little retouched (often not at all), hence the poor quality of some of them. The goal is to take the least amount of time to take pictures to have the most time to enjoy with the eyes. If you want a nice picture, you buy a postcard :-). Update October 2018 : Since September 2018, we take pictures with a Sony RX100M3, but we still do not retouch them
  4. Lots of blah blah blah blah, life stories, anecdotal details…especially about how I feel. Travel is also a form of psychotherapy. I deliberately mention how I feel about this or that situation because it will allow me later on to see how I have evolved over the course of my travels. Feel free to skip these paragraphs completely. On the other hand, it may be of interest to some people to know our states of mind. Contrary to many “colleagues” who hide the bad aspects of a trip, when we aren’t in shape or we don’t like it, we say it. Sometimes without taking the pincers.
  5. Spelling mistakes. You should know that the articles are reread twice before being put online (normally), but we aren’t immune to many spelling mistakes and typos… or incomplete sentences (I tend to think of one thing and then another that has nothing to do with it, and I forget to rephrase my sentence) 😀 sorry ! We try to reread the old articles and correct the mistakes but there are really a lot of them so be patient ! We won’t get offended if you point out mistakes, on the contrary.
  6. Sponsorship articles & affiliate links :

    1. While exploring the site via the subcategories, you may have already come across Rosa’s articles (Rosalie is our cat). Please note that these are sponsored articles, intended to be read mainly by robots (with the aim of improving the referencing of a site). These articles have been removed from the home page, but they can still be found manually if you go through the sub-categories, or via the RSS feed. We aren’t authors of these articles, we receive a small fee for publishing them. Please note that the “real” articles are written by Jean-Benoît and me (Anh).
    2. From time to time you will find affiliate links (mainly for Amazon products). If you click on them and make a purchase, we get a small percentage of the sale. You don’t have to go through these links at all (but it doesn’t cost you anything). Besides, we don’t recommend items we don’t like just to make a few cents, it’s against our ethics, we never will.
    3. The income generated by this content does not allow us to live (far from it!). Given the time spent on this blog, it is absolutely not a profitable business. To give you an order of magnitude, the revenues cover the maintenance costs of the site (domain name, hosting), and our health insurance / repatriation around the world. On a daily basis, we earn money in other ways (with our SEO/SEA agency) and we don’t want to make the blog our main business because we want to keep the freedom to write what we want, without self-censorship.

That’s it, if you have further questions, don’t hesitate! The articles are put online several times a week, but it depends on our mood, our inspiration of the moment and sometimes the Internet connection. In any case, thank you for travelling virtually with us and see you soon for new adventures!

JB & Anh

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