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Test & review of the Tennen Onsen Naniwa Hot Spring in Osaka (Japan)

To find out how a session in an Onsen takes place, it’s this way.
Located north of Osaka, on the 8th floor of a commercial building.
You have to take off your shoes before entering (so plan 2 pieces of 100 yens for two lockers: one for shoes at the entrance and one for your clothes afterwards).

You can buy your tickets through the ticket machine (800 yen for the entrance, 150 yen for the small towel). The directions are in English.

The first time we hadn’t seen the machine, it is quite possible to buy the tickets directly at the counter.
It is also possible to buy all the necessary hygiene items.

The Tennen Onsen Naniwa Hot Spring is currently our favorite Onsen.
Neither too big nor too small, it has indoor and outdoor spaces.
The interior space has several baths between 18 and 42°.
A very large sauna that looks like a small amphitheater with a television that broadcasts baseball games.
A small hammam in which salt is available for scrubbing.
The outdoor space is very pleasant as well. Two hot baths, 3 small individual tubs and spaces to lie down.
One of them allows you to lie down on a trickle of warm water, very pleasant when it is a little cool outside.
Rates: 800 yen for the entrance, 150 yen for the small towel, 500 yen for the large towel (not necessary).
Schedules: from 10am to 1am on weekdays. Opening at 8am on the WE.
Payment in cash only.
Notice: first Onsen we tested in Japan. More expensive than average. It is one of our favorites.
I enjoyed it:

  • The huge sauna with a television broadcasting a baseball game
  • Salt is available in the hammam to be able to make an exfoliation.
  • The outside areas where you can lie down.

Tattoos are prohibited.

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