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Test and review of the Sento Akashi-yu in Osaka (Japan)

To find out how a session in an Onsen takes place, it’s this way.
It is the nearest Sento that we are testing this time, it is 300 meters away.

As usual we take off the shoes before entering (no need for a locker room).
An automatic machine allows you to buy what you want. It is translated into English which greatly facilitates operations.

The entrance fee is 440 yen. Small surprise, the sauna isn’t included in this price. So we decide to take the “kit” entrance + sauna + large towel at 640 yens.

One enters and the manageress explains us as she can that the sauna is only 50°C, which isn’t much at all for a sauna. I do not know if it is usual here but we have already bought our tickets and I do not see myself asking for a refund in Japanese.
So we have to exchange the mini-board to open our shoe locker for the sauna key.
The sento resembles the popular sento we are beginning to get used to. At this time of the day (7pm on a Tuesday) there are very few people. On the men’s side we will be 7 at most during my presence … including 3 French …
As I’m starting to get comfortable in the sento / onsen, I brought my razor.
Like an idiot, I cut myself shaving and it would take a little time before the blood coagulates, impossible to get to the baths before it’s done.
I test the sauna and clearly, at 50° it’s useless. Do not take the sauna option. Small disappointment since there is no hammam either.
Now we just have to test the different baths, there are 6 in all.

  • A very cold bath as I like it
  • An electric bath, I didn’t get fooled this time (if you have any doubt, look for electrodes on the inside of the bath)
  • A jacuzzi with powerful side jets, I take advantage of it to have my feet massaged, very pleasant.
  • Another jacuzzi with a headrest to lie down, also very pleasant.
  • Two other hot baths

At the end of the session, I see a room almost completely tattooed. So the tattoos look authorized.
In conclusion, a fairly standard Sento. Small disappointment linked to the sauna which decreases the quality/price ratio.
Rates :
440 yen the entrance
30 yen small towel rental
30 yen the soap
30 yen shampoo
640 yen the “kit” including the entrance, the sauna and a large towel (not recommended)
Payment in cash only.
Schedules: from noon to 3am. Closed on Sundays.
Tattoos OK

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