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Interview with Pierre Salviac: Former rugby commentator and travel enthusiast

Pierre Salviac began his career as a journalist as a great reporter and covered historical events (Vietnam War, Appolo 13, Bloody Sunday, …). He is also known to have been the voice of French rugby for 20 years.
Passionate about traveling, he continues to travel the world for pleasure.
Pierre Salviac was kind enough to grant us an express interview.
You’ve been traveling for 50 years, what are the big differences compared to today?
The main revolution in travel lies in the comparative flight price engines. And in platforms such as booking.
You now travel for pleasure, are you the type to plan everything or to improvise once you get there?
It is the flight offer of the moment that determines my destination. It is when to leave and where to stay (Booking) that I consult before deciding on my destination. I improvise halfway. Before leaving, I consult the backpacker’s guide and the Gallimard geo-guide. Then on the spot, I refine by visiting the tourist office. Then I exchange on the spot of the good plans with the travelers.
You prefer to multiply small trips or make one or two big trips in the year?
Rather one long mail and two or three medium mail per year.
You must have discovered a lot of countries, is there still a place you have never visited and that makes you dream?
The only destinations that do not interest me are Africa (except South Africa) and India. Too old now to endure the crowds and possible coups d’état.
My priority of visit is Japan + South Korea.
If you had to live in a foreign city for a year, which one would you choose?
My favorite foreign city is Sydney, I go there once every 2 years. This is the city I would like to live in if I were to end my life abroad.
What’s the biggest problem you’ve encountered on your travels?
Take the train in Sri Lanka.
Your best culinary discovery?
The fish market of Sydney.
Objects without which you can’t leave?
My camera, my 11-inch MacBook Air and my iPhone.
You have created the Voyagez Malin website, what is its principle and objectives?
The principle of Voyagez Malin? Pool the good plans of individual travelers and make this site a decision-support platform for travelers who leave without soliciting the agencies.
When is your next trip scheduled? Where is it?
In October Japan (if I find good deals) then back to Indochina. Back to the Cyclades and Crete this summer.

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