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Travel Diary Kyoto (Japan) #5: Kiyomizu-dera, Hokanji, Ishibei-koji, Gion district

Today, we return to Kyoto with the intention of visiting the two famous temples that we didn’t have time to visit last time: Kiyomizu-dera and Higashiyama Jisho-ji
But very tired from the intensive visits of the last few days and accompanied by a little cold, we only get up at 10am
Part 1: Travel Diary
Part 2: Practical Tips

Part 1: Travel Diary

Here we are, we are never very proud when we only leave the apartment at 11 am when the initial project is to take the train to Kyoto at 9:30 am

Rhalala… for the trouble, we propose to three digital nomads met virtually on Facebook, to be in a restaurant, just to meet each other in real life, and perhaps one day meet again in another country


We visit together the street of Shirakawa, of which I saw a picture years ago. In my head, Kyoto looks like this, so the other 4 times we went to Kyoto, I felt like I was missing something, like I had not visited the city I wanted to see

Have I ever told you that I have obsessions, often unjustified?

Anyway, it’s my obsession that pushed me to look for the location of this place and go there 😀 People, type “shirakawa south street” on Google Maps, and go!

No geishas on the horizon, but the old houses and tea rooms in the area are really kawaii

We have lunch together and spend an eternity chatting. That’s what it’s like when you’re among French people, it’s so important to eat, and to take the time to eat


It is thus only towards 16h that we decide to move finally to go to Kiyomizu-dera. The way leading there is lined with souvenir stores, so many temptations which it is necessary to avoid to visit the temple before its closing at 6 pm

What you see when you arrive

after visiting the main building (not taken in picture because it is under construction), we can see from far a small red roof, hidden among the trees. It’s beautiful, beautiful !!!

We have the view of all Kyoto

Ohlala, if only I had the presence of mind to come here in full bloom of sakura!

When we get to the top, we see this

On the path, there were statues dressed in flamboyant red cloth. Apparently, these clothes were offered by the mothers whose prayers had come true, or who came to ask for the healing of their sick children


Last picture before leaving this magical place:

I put here a picture found on the Internet of the main building, if it was not under construction

As soon as the temple closes, the souvenir stores close too, so I have no temptation and I continue the way with a light heart to Hokanji


I think there are several towers like this in Kyoto but this one, which appeared in the middle of small houses, has a crazy charm


We then walk to Ishibei-koji street, apparently the prettiest street in Kyoto. I think that some geishas live there, there is also a tea room with a beautiful mini Japanese garden!

It is forbidden to take photos or videos. The street is narrow, and very small, the houses are too beautiful. And it’s very quiet !!! Especially at the end of the day like this…

… because all the tourists are waiting for the geishas here… on Gionmachi Minamigawa street. Between the lanterns, the cabs that come to pick up the geishas… ohlala I wouldn’t like to be a geisha. It’s too chaotic!

On this, we take the train back to Osaka, without forgetting to stop for a long time at our favorite onsen in Osaka

I can’t believe that this will be our last visit to Kyoto this year, I think we’ll come back for sure! I like this city very much, we wanted to spend one month there but the accommodations were so expensive that we decided to stay in Osaka and make several round trips. But finally to have 2 hours of round trip is never funny and we came here only 5 times in one month:( next time, by reserving a little earlier, I hope that we will find an airbnb in Kyoto


Part 2: Practical Tips

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