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Travel Notebook Osaka (Japan) #7: My favorite shopping addresses

It’s hard to resist shopping when you’re in Japan. And especially when we chose an airbnb near the two tourist and spending places of Osaka: Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi.

Here I give you my favorite shopping addresses in Osaka.

Just type the name on Google Maps to find the exact location

Warning: in Japan, all prices are displayed without tax (unless otherwise stated), so you have to mentally add 8% tax, unless you spend more than 5000yen at a time and subject to tax exemption (look for the “japan tax free shop” logo). Take your passport with you.

And if you’ve done too much shopping, don’t bring all your stuff with you to Kyoto, you’ll have trouble with transportation (and everyone will hate you), trust the transportation companies (ask at your hotel) that will deliver your stuff to Tokyo or Kyoto in 1 to 2 days (for 7€/baggage). Some stores offer free delivery of your purchases at Osaka airport upon request.

Namba Walk

Namba Walk is a “shopping street” in the basement and connected to a subway network. There are a lot of restaurants with very interesting menus at noon and above all, you can do some quiet shopping because tourists don’t venture there too much.

That’s where I discovered the Honeys store that sells quality, cheap Japanese style clothes. Here is an example of what I bought there: simple long skirt, and very girly top (it’s typically Japanese that). I think I bought for 7€ the skirt and 10€ the top. They are of a great quality, the seams well done and the quality fabric.

The POLA brand specialized in products against pigment spots has a stand there as well. They will be able to analyze your skin for free.

Namba Walk is also connected with the basement of one of my other favorite places… O1O1 NAMBA MARUI


Here are products that you can’t find anywhere else (basement + ground floor, I haven’t explored the rest yet). The jewelry is particularly nice (they cost around 7-10€) and my favorite jewelry stand is MUK, on the first floor.

There are also several cosmetics stands, including Kokumin. The prices of Kokumin are a little higher than other drugstores, but here you can find rarer products. There is also a DHC stand, snacks from all over the world and especially the TOHO movie theater which broadcasts, among other things, 4D movies (with backstabbing, smell and water jets).

For bubble tea fans, cosco crepe in the basement sells bubble teas to fall down

Namba City

It is located in the same place as Namba Station, the train station. There are more locals than tourists here. The products are a little more expensive (but still cheaper than in France) because it’s quality but clothing level, ohlalala it’s hard to resist.

It is also connected with Takashimaya,a department store that sells luxury products. There are two reasons to go to Takashimaya, it’s to get a free skin check at the SK-II or Shiseido booth ; and to look at the bentos and pastries sold in the basement of this store.

KINJI used clothing

Not far from Shinsaibashi there is a second hand clothing store on the 1st floor of the BIG STEP shopping center. The neighborhood around Big step is full of small trendy clothes stores, too trendy to be worn 😀 but you can find branded clothes for cheap at Kinji used clothing. I highly recommend you!

And the second hand clothes are in excellent condition too. They are clean, ironed and you can try them on. Beware they have two stores on the same floor, visit them both!

Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

It’s a must-see place, they sell everything: clothes, cosmetics, souvenirs…. there is the GU store, an equivalent of Uniqlo but cheaper and more youthful.

There is also, @Cosme store, where you can find all the award-winning and highly rated products of the famous cosme website. If you are lost in drugstores, this is actually where you should go because they clearly display the classification of products in each category (cleanser, make-up remover…). To know which cosmetics to buy, read my other article

In addition, the Starbucks of the same building has a library style place at 2F (second floor = 1st French floor) with high speed wifi, ideal for tired feet. This is where JB and I spend a whole afternoon every now and then to work.

In terms of clothing, I find Shinsaibashi Shopping street less interesting than Namba City. But theUniqlo store on 4 floors is worth it. To not pay tax, you have to pay at 4F (take your passport) and there is always a bit of queue.

On the same street, there are stores selling very nice hair accessories.

Bic Camera

It’s the biggest Bic Camera I’ve ever seen in Japan, we have so many choices that the 9 floors took us 2 whole afternoons to visit a small part of this store which has no equivalent other than ….. Amazon in fact. Because they sell everything from cosmetics to SIM cards and computer equipment. They have a lot of products that we don’t even know exist, for example something to put in the mouth to exercise the muscles and make the face look symmetrical.

Bic Camera stores accept to deliver your purchases free of charge directly to Osaka airport so think about it.

Tokyu Hands

8 floors of pure happiness. There are many practical products not sold elsewhere. Example: my umbrella which is 50cm in diameter and weighs only 70g. OK, it also costs 25€ but it is really of an excellent quality and I can even slip it in my comforter pocket.

They also have a nice collection of pet accessories:

A very nice stationery corner:

On the top floor is the KAWACHI store I told you about here. It’s a store for creative hobbyists like me. If you are a fan of paper cut or origami, or drawings, this is the place to go.


Daimaru is another store I like. Not only for its basement with lots of pastries and bentos (that’s the case with all the department stores)….

… but above all for its free terrace with a view of all Osaka.

If you have fallen for one of the Japanese products and don’t know where to restock, know that Yesstyle (link) sells a lot of products imported from Japan, be it clothing or cosmetics and delivers worldwide (no customs fees).

Have a good shopping!

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