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An umbrella at 70g, yes it’s possible! WPC super air light

non-sponsoreditemEven if we move less than during the first round-the-world trip, we keep the reflexes of great travelers: to buy little, but of quality, to buy what makes us happy (Marie Kondo method) and especially to weigh everything we buy :DWhile window-shopping in Japan, I discovered an ultra-light umbrella made in Japan. It weighs only 70g ! the weight of 5 empty cans of Coke. It is marked on it “super air light: amazingly light weighted umbrella with enhanced portability will relieve your stress”.I don’t know if an ultra-light umbrella can also relieve my stress (interesting concept), but I really like its featherweight and since then, it’s always in my handbag. On a trip around the world, you should always carry an umbrella with you, especially if you are visiting Southeast Asia.Product demonstration. Tadam !Heheheh, you can see that it’s not super big, and is suitable for little ones like me. JB, on the other hand, would need a bigger model (the 90g one) to cover his “big surface”.Also, to minimize the weight, it creates an additional task for us: we have to unfold this thing manually :You can see other models of the manufacturer on their official website: http: // 70g model is called “super air light” and costs 3000yen. But it isn’t available on the site, you can only see the Air-light umbrella 90gmodelsIf you have the opportunity to visit Japan, you should know that I found it in the Tokyu Handsstore (they are everywhere in Japan)

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