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How to Rent a Car on Jeju Island (South Korea)?

Jeju Island is THE favorite tourist destination for Koreans

Every day, many flights connect Seoul and Jeju and thousands of people disembark to visit the island

As public transportation isn’t the ideal solution to explore the island, many decide to rent a car

As a result, many rental companies compete with each other and renting a car is easy, fast and cheap

Small return of experience of our hiring at Lotte Rent a car with whom we carried out two hirings

How do I book my car?

Everything is done online on the site of Lotte Rent a car. The site isn’t a model of ergonomics but has the merit to be in English

Register (free) to become a member. You will then be able to benefit from a 65% discount! It’s worth it!

Choose the place to pick up and return the vehicle (“Jeju Auto House” is the closest place to the airport)

Select a pick-up and return date and time. It isn’t possible to reserve for less than 24 hours but you can easily return the vehicle earlier

Finally choose a type of vehicle (Compact / Standard / Premium / Van) and do the search

How much does it cost?

If you have become a member and are taking advantage of the 65% discount, the vehicle rental will cost you

  • For a compact car: 30,000 to 45,000 won per day
  • For a standard car: 45,000 to 80,000 won per day
  • For a premium car: 70,000 to 165,000 won per day
  • For a van: 75,000 won per day

There is no mileage limitation

Note that all cars are automatic

We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive insurance (which costs 9,600 won per day for a compact car). By taking it, you won’t even need to make an inventory of the vehicle since 100% of the damages are covered

Ask also for an English GPS, it’s free

How to pay?

You can pay directly online and even get a 5,000 Won discount if you do so

Not having much confidence in the site, we preferred to pay directly on the spot

How to recover your vehicle?

If you arrive at the airport, a free shuttle bus takes you directly to Lotte Rent a car. This shuttle leaves every 15 minutes, which is very convenient. When you arrive at the airport, find Lotte’s booth which will give you a coupon to give to the employee who organizes the shuttle

When returning the vehicle, you can also take advantage of a free shuttle to the airport

Lotte Rent a car is only 5 minutes drive from the airport

Once arrived, go to the “foreigners” booth where the employees speak a few words of English. Once the contract is signed and the bank loan made, an employee will take you to your vehicle, show you how it works (feel free to ask questions and ask him to pay the gps in English). And off you go!

What documents do I need to submit?

We made two mistakes, so don’t do as we did

You must have with you

  • An unexpired international driver’s license: no chance of being able to leave with a car without it
    *i read in the comments on the Internet that you need to have at least one year of driving experience (it’s not marked on their site anyway), I don’t know if it’s in relation to the date of issue of the international or French license. We were not able to verify this on site because JB’s license was issued 2 years ago
  • A passport (that we had left at the hotel the first time… we had to make a round trip to get it)
  • A credit card belonging to the driver. We wanted to pay with Anh’s credit card which has the international option. For insurance reasons, the refusal was categorical. I finally had to pay with the card in my name and thus pay exchange fees.

What is the condition of the vehicles?

The cars are all very recent and reliable

They are automatic which is very practical

They all have a camera that films the road continuously (video only, no audio, the renter told us). I imagine that this is used for insurance in case of an accident

The first car we had even had a rear view camera. Very handy for those like me who are unable to make a niche

Finally, the GPS in English is very well done

It amused us a lot because it signals all the automatic speed cameras (and they are numerous) by beeping as long as we aren’t at the right speed. When the speed camera is overtaken, a noise (which reminded me of the Mario video game when you’re collecting coins) tells you that “it’s OK”, and that you can press the button again

How do I return the vehicle?

Before turning the vehicle over, remember to fill up with gas. It’s very easy and you don’t even have to get out of the car when you get to the gas station. The employee takes care of everything and will even bring you the payment terminal

The return to Lotte rent a car is also very fast. All the more if you have taken the all-risk insurance and you don’t have to do the inventory of fixtures

All you have to do is sign a document and you can take the shuttle to the airport. If necessary, you can ask for a cab to take you back to your hotel.

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