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[Test & Reviews] The best backpack for a digital nomad: the DELL PF-BP-BK-5-17

You can find the DELL backpack on Amazon by clicking here

.In this video, I present you my backpack that I love: the DELL PF-BP-BK-5-17.It has a name to lay out but that’s its only flaw.Like many digital nomads, I develop an emotional relationship with my backpack that isn’t very rational.It took me a long time to find the backpack that really suited me. I tested several like the Kickstarter XD Design project I told you about.Please note that this bag is an extra bag, I have a suitcase for the bulk of my stuff. So I use this backpack for daily trips as well as to go away for a few days on the weekend without having to take my big suitcase on board.After several tries, I had a clear idea of the features I needed for my backpack :

  • A strap to be able to hang it on the telescopic handle of a suitcase
  • A compartment to protect my laptop and ideally my tablet
  • A place to put a water bottle easily accessible on the outside of the bag
  • A large space to be able to put enough things to leave for 3 or 4 days without having to armour the bag to the brim.
  • Small slots for easy storage of cables and other small accessories.

Independently, these criteria aren’t hing exceptional but you can imagine that I had the greatest difficulty to find backpacks meeting all these criteria combined.The Dell bag is one of those I found and, last but not least, its price is very affordable: 59 € on Amazon.Note that it exists in two sizes: 15″ and 17″. I have chosen the 15″.

You can find the DELL backpack on Amazon by clicking here.

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