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Test and review of the XD Design Bobby backpack

During our world tour we each had a backpacker’s backpack: the Osprey Mira AG 26 for Anh and the Gregory Baltoro 65 for me.We both had a small backpack that we could roll up and put in our pocket. They had the advantage of taking up no space and weighing nothing at all. However, they were not very comfortable to carry and had a very small capacity.With our new life as digital nomads, we move less regularly and have abandoned our backpackers bags and moved on to suitcases.For our booster bags, Anh got her Longchamp bag back and I invested in a new bag.The XD Design Bobby backpack is the result of a project that met with great success on Kickstarter.In this video, I present it to you and show you its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages

  • Ergonomics that make it very comfortable to wear
  • Small pockets accessible when the bag is on the back
  • The ability to recharge your phone without opening the bag
  • The antitheft side


  • The internal organization that could be better
  • Rate a little high (90 € on Amazon)

See the XD Design Bobby bag on AmazonMore info on our EDC kit (urban survival kit) DIY mentioned in the video

Edit March 2018

Surprise, I came across the same model in a store in Osaka, Japan!The price is however less interesting than on Amazon: 15 000 yens or about 115 €.

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